Amusement Park / Theatre

Amusement parks and zoos have much staff who run a variety of rides and take care of different animals.
This highly customer-service-oriented industry needs to properly position employees at each designated location to provide quality service to the customers.
In this industry, the staffing each shift is one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks.


Schedule staff with a click of a button. Shiftee automatically places staff into preset shifts based on their availability.

Track Attendance

Workers clock-in/out at the site based on the WiFi of the location.

Manage Multiple Locations

Create all sites as locations and set wifi IP address of each location so the staff can clock-in/out at their own sites via Shiftee mobile app.

Access Levels

Shiftee has four distinctive access levels: Staff, Supervisor, Manager, and Owner. Assign each appropriate access level to employees to grant right level of privileges.

In amusement parks or theaters, it is essential to place the right amount of staff to each work site without shifts not getting filled. Worksites could be box office, various rides, theatre entrance, etc. When you schedule hundreds of employees working at the park, you need to account for each employee's availability and day-off requests. Also, trainee's level of understanding could be another factor to decide where to be placed.

Shiftee helps parks and theaters save time scheduling schedule and easily place employees into the right place with the Auto-Scheduling feature while taking care of attendance tracking and exporting to upload on ERP system.

Needs of Amusement Park and Entertainment Industry and Shiftee's Features

Amusement Park and Entertainment Industry Needs Shiftee Features
Create Multiple Locations (sites) in a Company
(All locations belong to one company. No need to create 'Company' for each location)
Access Level Privileges
(Shiftee provides 4 access level privileges)
Scheduler (Auto-Scheduling)
(Automatically place staff into pre-set shifts with a click of a button)
Attendance and Payroll Export to EXCEL to upload on your own ERP
(For reporting, payroll, and other uses)
1:1 Employee Device Binding
(Restrict logging into the company on unregistered devices)


Send us your list of locations and employees. Shiftee Technical Support Team will create all profiles to your company account. Please contact Shiftee Client Support for questions including education at or +82-507-1407-5318.

For zoos with many staff working as different positions and locations:

1. Assign Manager Access Level to head-office personnel.
2. Assign Supervisor Access Level and managing locations to site managers.
3. Invite employees and assign worksite. Assign Staff Access Level.

Shiftee Access Level system allows staff level to check schedule and clock-in/out. Supervisor Level can only manage the sites he/she is assigned. Manager Level can manage all locations regardless of his/her assigned locations.

The head-office personnel (Manager Level) can 'approve' shifts and attendances so no Supervisor Level can fix them once approved.

This can be customized to fit different business settings.