Construction industry is one of the most labor-intensive industries with a large pool of construction workers.
Companies always need to analyze the manpower that is used in each worksite.
It is the most convenient for headoffice to readily access each site's attendance report and learn how many workers are currently working.

Track Attendance

Workers clock-in/out at the site to record labor input of each site.
For locations without any WiFi, set up GPS coordinates and radius to restrict timeclock area.

Manage Multiple Sites

Create all sites as locations and set GPS coordinates of each worksite so the staff can clock-in/out at their own sites via Shiftee mobile app.

Access Levels

Shiftee has four distinctive access levels: Staff, Supervisor, Manager, and Owner. Assign each appropriate access level to employees to grant right level of privileges.

Attendance Report

Check the number of clock-ins by each site and by positions (construction type) whenever and wherever.

The construction industry runs a large pool of construction worker. Attendance of the workers must be recorded daily in order for headoffice to process payroll. The head office/manager often needs to check daily attendance report and even check report for past days. This is to learn how much labor cost has incurred, analyze by sites, by construction types, and by teams. This attendance report is also used by management to process payroll for each construction workers.

Shiftee makes it easy for construction companies to analyze labor by site and by construction type, and makes it readily accessible to authorized personnel.

Needs of Construction Industry and Shiftee's Features

Construction Company Needs Shiftee Features
Create Multiple Locations (sites) in a Company
(All locations belong to one company. No need to create 'Company' for each location)
Access Level Privileges
(Shiftee provides 4 access level privileges.)
Attendance Report
(check current or past attendance report by site and by positions)
Attendance and Payroll Export to EXCEL
(For reporting and other uses)
1:1 Employee Device Binding
(Restrict logging into the company on unregistered devices)


Send us your list of locations and employees. Shiftee Technical Support Team will create all profiles to your company account. Please contact Shiftee Client Support at or +82-507-1407-5318.

For companies with site managers taking care of each location reporting to head office:

1. Assign Manager Access Level to head-office personnel.
2. Assign Supervisor Access Level and managing locations to site managers.
3. Invite workers and assign worksite. Assign Staff Access Level.

This way, staff level can only check schedule and clock-in/out. Supervisor Level can only manage the sites he/she is assigned. Manager Level can manage all locations regardless of his/her assigned locations.

The head-office personnel (Manager Level) can 'approve' shifts and attendances so no Supervisor Level can fix them once approved.

This can be customized to fit different business settings.