Restaurant and Bar Industry (F&B)

A busy restaurant must have all shifts filled for all different positions from servers to cooks.
Owner and managers are also busy greeting customers, ordering inventories, and taking care of the operation.

At every month end, there awaits scheduling, maintaining attendances and payroll which makes managers to work during breaks and even when they are off

Easy Shift Scheduling

A busy store cannot afford being short-staffed. Start scheduling with Shiftee. We will do the sharing part.

Reliable Attendance

Your employees can now clock-in/out using their own smartphones and store WiFi.

Real-time Notifications

Even when you are not at the shop, get notified on yoru employees' clock-in/out, late, and overtime.

Automated Payroll

Doing payroll in paper and calculator was never reliable enough. Shiftee provides the most trusted payroll by using employee attendances recorded via Shiftee mobile app.

Meet Shiftee

It is challenging for a manager to operate a restaurant. Employees often request to give up their shifts. Managers has to take availabilities of all employees into account when scheduling and they waste significant amount of time planning and sharing.

Shiftee simplified these processes for owners and managers. The headoffice personnels can access attendance on their device or computer anytime to process payroll thus it reduces the unnecessary communication. Managers can then use the saved time to focus on other important tasks such as customer relations, inventory management, etc.

Take a closer look at how we fulfill all the F&B industry HR needs

F&B Industry Needs Shiftee Features
Manage Multiple Locations
(Create multiple locations within a company and assign more than one location to an employee)
Shift Scheduilng and Sharing
(Plan shift schedules that are shared by all employees)
Real-time Notifications
(Notifications on: Shift, clock-in/out, late, and overtime)
Prevent False Attendance
(An employee can only link one device. You cannot clock-in for a coworker)
Automated Payroll
(Set up hourly wage for each employee. We'll do the rest)


Send us your list of locations and employees. Shiftee Technical Support Team will upload to your company account. Please contact Shiftee Client Support at or +82-507-1407-5318.

Example) When you have multiple hierarchy of management:

1. Assign 'Manager' access level to personnel who manage schedule, timesheet and payroll of all employees at all locations.
2. Assign 'Supervisor' access level to personnel who manage specific locations only.

Expected Outcome:
- 'Staff' can only check schedule and clock-in/out;
- 'Manager' and 'Supervisor' can schedule, maintain timesheet and payroll;
- 'Manager' can manage all other access levels and can even assign one.

* 'Owner' can restrict 'Supervisor' an access to managing timesheet and payroll.

This implementation process can be modified depending on your business needs. Please contact Shiftee via email.