Reports And Payroll

Shiftee provides various reports and payroll processing to help reduce HR workload.


Customize Wage

Register employees' hourly rate, daily working hours and weekly working days. All wage information will be used for payroll and monthly reports.

Improve HR team's excellence

Use reports to get the data needed for monthly settlement and reduce HR workload.

Scheduled vs Actual

Compare contractual, scheduled and actual working hours via reports. Systematic time and attendance management based on data can be performed.

Monitor Average Working Hours

Monitor real-time daily hours per day and week. Employees and managers can view reports at any time.

Overtime Management

Manage overtime based on scheduled hours. Overtime hours can be requested by employee via edit-shift-request and are reflected in report in real time.

Export Excel

For additional analysis as well as reporting, export employees' pay details in Excel.

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International Support

Shiftee supports more than 30 currency units for diverse payroll needs.

You can also set the language freely for each user. We currently support English and Korean.

Reduce HR workload

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