Make you more available

Boring staff scheduling,
attendance and payrolls.
Leave it to Shiftee.

Benefits of Shiftee


With calendar-based scheduler, create shifts and leaves easily and manage multiple locations at one place.

Simplify scheduling and get real-time notifications on Shiftee mobile app.

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Timeclock Attendance

Employees can clock in/out using mobile app and managers receive real-time notifications. We prevent off-location attendance by using store's WiFi or GPS coordinates.

Manage attendance using our mobile app and Web Admin.

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Automate tedious payroll for employees. Export each staff's pay details, including attendances in Excel.

Streamline your business with Shiftee.

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Employee Scheduling Software. Reinvented.

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Accurate Timeclock

Get real-time alerts when your employees doesn't clock-in for their shifts.

Your staff can only clock-in and out at your business using store's WiFi or GPS coordinates.

Through approving confirmed attendances, restrict unauthorized modifications by Supervisors.

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Attendance &
For All Your Employees

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