A Complete HR Software
with scheduling and timeclock

Scheduling, Timeclock, Leave Management, Payroll
All in one place

More than 100,000 businesses use Shiftee to make better workplace.

All-In-One Platform For Your Employees

Single Solution

Stop using multiple softwares to manage your employees. Shiftee is cloud-based complete solution for all your HR needs.

Light but Reliable

Experience ultimate ease of use with our mobile app. It comes with sophisticated security and anti-cheating system.

Customized Environment

Shiftee is equipped to meet the unique needs of your industry. Build and customize environment just for your company.


Sophisticated Scheduling

No more Excel for scheduling employees.
Schedule with Shiftee and share to employees real-time.

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Reliable Timeclock Attendance

Do away with complicated device set-up.
Shiftee uses GPS coordinate / WiFi for timeclock.
It secures from faked GPS / WiFi.

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Easy Leave Management

Complete leave approval process at fingertips.
Record leave/vacation request history automatically.
View usage statistics in real time.

Save cost and improve efficiency.

Empower your HR now.