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More than 150,000 businesses worldwide use Shiftee to make better workplaces.

Why Shiftee?

Why Choose Shiftee?

Customizable System

Shiftee can be customized to fit all sorts of businesses, industries, and work types.

Effective Workforce Management

With Shiftee, each employee can plan their own shifts. Build a more flexible and efficient workforce management system.

Up-to-date Software

Updates are made to stay on track with the rapidly changing trends in the labor environment.


Shiftee Features

Custom Request

Enjoy comprehensive approval workflows with creating custom requests.

Electronic Signature

Streamline your workflows through electronic signatures by managing all business contracts in one platform.


Automatically settle T&A for payroll and send pay stubs. T&A settlement and payroll management are automated.


Sophisticated Scheduling

Shiftee provides the most advanced work scheduling system in the market.
Share work schedules in real time and create sophisticated work schedules complying to your labor laws.

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Automated T&A Management

Record employees' attendance using GPS coordinates/WiFi while securing from fake GPS/WiFi.
Recorded data is instantly synchronized to the administrator's web app.
+ This can also be applied to attendance for outside work and work from home.

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Easy Leave Management

Complete leave approval process at your fingertips.
Record leave/vacation request history automatically.
View leave usage statisctics in real time.


Workflow Process

Shiftee's workflow feature allows companies to optimize workflow for all types of T&A requests. Customize and automate workflow process at your preference.

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Save Time on
Reports and Payroll

Payroll and T&A data are automatically computed into reports. View the reports on both PC and mobile app in real time.

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Connect with Other Softwares

Bring more values into Shiftee by integrating with other softwares. Shiftee supports integrations with business applications such as Google Calendar and Slack as well as providing Open API to integrate with other ERPs.

Leading HR Software used in 20+ countries

Leading HR Software used in 20+ countries

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Shiftee securely protects all your data

Collection of Limited Information

ISO 27001 Certified

Location Based Service (LBS) Certified

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