Leave Management

Using Shiftee's request-approval process,
enjoy seamless leave management experience.

More than 300,000 businesses worldwide use Shiftee to make better workplaces.

Simple Leave Approval Process

Employees can submit all leave details to managers at fingertips.
Managers can easily view and approve employees' leave requests on both mobile and web.

We Support All Leave Types

Customize leave types to suit your company's needs.<br> Register working hours and annual leave deductions and Manage leave / vacation automatically.

Leave Group

Create leave groups to manage different types of leaves in groups. You can manage the amount of accrued/remaining/used leave days in groups.

Accrue Leaves and Track Leave Balances

Accrue Leaves Automatically Based on Rules

Leave days are accrued automatically based on the configured rules. Easily track leave balances of accrued leaves.

Accrue leaves according to months/years of service

Accrue leaves based on date of employment and fiscal year

Accrue leaves automatically up to 10 years.

Accrue Leaves Manually

Process and manage different leave accruals of each employee.
Intuitively check the leave status and manage the balance of accrued/used/remaining leaves

Leave Management
Made Easy with Shiftee

Increase the visibility of employees' leave summaries by types, months or in list view. Remove manual errors by automatically calculating paid hours and deduction amounts of each leave type.

Promotion of the Use of Annual Paid Leave

Based on the employee leave data in Shiftee, bulk send and get instant signatures with ease at once for the documents required for HR management.

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Integrate with Slack and Google Calendar to make communication easier by staying up to date on leave schedules.

Reduce HR workload
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