Just select and review
then Complete the Report.

No more copy & paste in Excel. Shiftee provides various built-in reports to meet all your T&A needs.

How do you provide accurate T&A reports?

This is because Shiftee is all-in-one HRM solution.
Since Shiftee provides scheduling, timeclock and leave management in a single system,
it's possible to give you complete T&A reports.

Enterprises need more accurate T&A reporting.

Work statistics
updated in real-time

Monitor total worked and scheduled hours. Employees and managers can view statistics at any time in their mobile app.

Provide 25+ columns
for fully customized report

Just click on the columns you need and analyze fully customized reports in no time.


View employees' basic attendance status.

(Scheduled/Worked) Overtime hours

Scheduled or actually worked hours over contractual working hours.

Worked hours

Worked hours include attendance, deemed work and leave hours while excluding breaks.

Holiday hours

Calculate hours worked on public holiday or employee-specific paid holidays.

Export in Excel

For additional analysis and reporting, export in Excel and share with others.

Reporting becomes easy.
Try Shiftee.