A new tool for T&A Reports
and Payroll Automation

Writing monthly T&A Reports manually by hand or Excel is time consuming and reduces productivity in other tasks. Shiftee provides automation in both T&A Reports and Payroll.

More than 300,000 businesses worldwide use Shiftee to make better workplaces.

How Shiftee provides accurate T&A reports

Shiftee a is all-in-one HRM solution.
By analyzing employees' schedules, timeclock, and leaves in a single system, Shiftee is able to extract accurate reports.

Real-time update in T&A statistics

Monitor total hours worked, scheduled hours, and average hours worked per week in real-time. Both employees and managers can view the statistics at any time in their mobile app.

Various filter options
for fully customized report

Just click on the filter options you need and view fully customized reports in no time.

Overtime・Holiday Work Hours

Calculate hours of overtime work and work on holidays or rest days.

Remaining Maximum Work Hours

View remaining maximum work hours within the maximum working calculation period.

Additional Worked Hours (Including Premium)

Sum of additional worked hours (overtime, night, holiday).

Early Leave・Tardiness・Absence

Classify employee's attendance status by comparing actual clock in-out times and scheduled hours.

Learn more about the 100+ filter options

Export in Excel

Export your reports as Excel files for internal use.

Automatied Payroll of
basic and additional pay

View detailed calculation of employees' payroll from basic pay to overtime, night, holiday work pays based on scheduled and actual worked hours in Excel.

Get the most out of Shiftee by integrating with other solutions.

Bring more value with integrations. Shiftee supports connection to ERP systems, Google Calendar, Slack, and also provides Open API.

ERP to Shiftee

  • Employee Info
  • Oraganization Chart
  • Leave Data

Shiftee to Collaboration tool

  • Shift / Leave Data
  • Attendance Data

Reporting becomes easier and
more accurate with Shiftee.

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