Most Effective Tool to Manage
Schedules of Multiple Employees

Shiftee Scheduler supports complex hierarchy and provides an easy-to-scale HR experience.

More than 300,000 businesses worldwide use Shiftee to make better workplaces.

Syncing in real time

Schedules that managers create in web admin are shared with employees' mobile apps in real time.

Create schedule with template

Repeated schedules can be registered as templates to create schedules with ease.

Flexible work system

Shiftee provides features such as overtime requests, schedule request and more to introduce flexible work system.

Consider all of work schedule cases.


Quickly create and manage work schedules.

The key to systematic employee time and attendance management is to use the right tools. Use template to create shift for each employee.

  • Reflect complex management hierarchy

  • Use templates to plan the same work schedules for multiple employees

  • Work schedules are synced to all employees in real time


Staff requests for shift change
Manager approves in mobile app

Introduce employee-driven work schedule planning with Shiftee. We provide request to create/edit/delete shift for both manager and staff.

  • Create shifts request : plan own schedules and ask managers for approval.

  • Edit shift request : make time change, overtime and work-from-home requests.

Deemed Work

Use Deemed Work feature
when accurate timeclock is difficult

Use deemed work feature for types of work where accurate timeclock is difficult (out-of-office, work-from-home etc). Shiftee supports scheduling for deemed work.

Mobile + Web App For Staff

Use Scheduling
on all platforms.

Shiftee is available in iOS, Android and Web. Use Shiftee anywhere at anytime.

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