About Us

Make a Better Work Environment
for Everyone through HR Innovation

In the ever-changing work environment, Shiftee is innovating the entire workforce management experience from the ground up, beginning with attendance.
We create a better work environment for all employees, including HR managers.

More than 300,000 businesses worldwide use Shiftee to make better workplaces.

The Apex of Evolving Workforce Management, Shiftee

Service Launched in 2017

Originally an attendance management solution, Shiftee has evolved into a comprehensive HR solution, covering all aspects of workforce management.

Trusted in 30+ Countries

Trusted by businesses in over 30 countries worldwide, Shiftee offers workforce management solutions in English and Chinese, including a successful expansion into Taiwan in 2023.

97.2% of Renewal Rate

Discover Shiftee's exceptional capabilities and consistent updates driving a 97.2% repurchase rate. Join the rave-worthy workforce management experience.

Our Values

The Leading HR SaaS Solution in Korea

Advancing workforce management market according to the following core values.

All Industries, One Solution

Shiftee endeavors to ensure that workers everywhere, regardless of country, scale, or industry, can experience equal value and satisfaction. We prioritize versatile yet sophisticated customization in solution development.

Built with Customer Needs in Mind

Shiftee is a customer-centric solution, delivering value through features tailored to satisfy all with our professional customer success and support teams.

Activating Korean B2B SaaS Ecosystem

We are actively making strategic investments in various companies to revitalize Korean B2B SaaS ecosystem. As a leading workforce management and B2B SaaS solution in Korean market, we strive to become a trusted solution for customers in the long run.

Going Global Beyond Korea

With a flexible design to customize systems for any business, we aim to expand beyond Korean market to the global market. Starting with Asia, we take the first step in providing the excellence of Shiftee's workforce management and pave the way to becoming the leading solution.

Partners / Integrations

Enhanced Accessibility through Integration
with Various External Solutions

Boost Productivity & Save Money.

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