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All you need for workforce management in one app, Shiftee.


Record Exact Time with One Tap

Record accurate time anywhere, anytime with Shiftee mobile app.
Make it easy for your employees to record their exact hours and breaks.

Clock in/out with coordinate/WiFi verification
Block fake coordinate apps for fake locations
Supports clock in/out for offsite and remote work
Bind one device per employee to prevent proxy attendance
Receive push notifications before your shift starts

More than 300,000 businesses worldwide use Shiftee to make better workplaces.

Shift & Leave Scheduling

Streamlined Mobile Scheduling

Easily plan your schedule based on your availability with a single touch.
View your work schedules whenever you need to.

Manage schedules
Manage shift breaks
Share instantly with your team in real-time
Efficient scheduling with shift templates
Various shift types (WFH, out on business travel, etc.)
Deemed work feature for accurate work time management


Workflows are just a few taps away

No more long-winded questions for approvals.
Send requests and get approvals for any types of requests from the mobile app.

Clock in/out requests
Attendance related requests
overtime/holiday/night shift requests
Shift related requests
Various leave type (day off, maternity leave, etc.) requests
Customize request forms for your company’s use
Manage request history
Arrange different approval rules (sequential/parallel/multiple/auto) for requests


Track your work data at a glance and view your teammates’ schedules


From company announcements to personal messages, don’t miss out the news.

Take workforce management
to the next level with Shiftee

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