Powerful Message Feature
Goes Beyond Simple Notifications

From free-form notifications to custom messages,
take workforce management to the next level.

More than 300,000 businesses worldwide use Shiftee to make better workplaces.

We Provide the Best Way to Write a Message

Auto-fill the contents of the messages that differ for each employee.
Employee data is auto-filled in the selected form fields.
Don't spend time on manual work and streamline your processes.

Automatically Generate Messages of Any Format
Based on the Data

Automatically Generate Messages of Any Format
Based on the Data

Send various types of messages using data from Shiftee.
Efficiently send messages from company announcements to alerts only for specific employees(unregistered work schedules, unapproved requests, exceeded work hours, leave balance, etc.) using T&A data in Shiftee.

Check You Message Anytime, Anywhere

Check your messages on whatever device you're near.
You can easily check messages anywhere, anytime.

Real-time Read Status

Check the recipients and the content of the message from the sending history.
Communicate more efficiently by checking the read status in real-time.


Message Automation Feature

Repeat your messages for recurring events.
Schedule and send messages automatically at the best time you choose.

Take workforce management to the next level with Shiftee.

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