Reliable timeclock,
Intuitive management

Shiftee attendance provides everything you need to manage employee time and attendance, creating a better experience for both managers and employees.

More than 300,000 businesses worldwide use Shiftee to make better workplaces.

Start timeclock
without installing hardware

With Shiftee Timeclock, there is no need to collect employees' biometric information or install hardware. Build your timeclock environment today and start managing T&A.


You can register workplace's coordinate and radius to restrict timeclock area. Set up multiple locations' timeclock area instantly.


You can register workplace's Wi-Fi IP address to restrict timeclock only when connected to registered Wi-Fi. Use Wi-Fi at places where coordinate signal is weak.

Anti-Cheating System

Timeclock attendance using PC or fingerprint can be susceptible to cheating. Shiftee blocks faking, buddy punching and hardware abuse.

  • Block Fake Coordinate

  • Bind each employee to a single mobile device

  • No fear of hardware abuse

Mobile Notifications


Be notified of employee attendance

Shiftee Timeclock sends employee timeclock notifications to manager in real time. Get immediate view of employees' work status anywhere

  • Receive notifications of employees in your team / location

  • Customize when to send notifications


Assist employee timeclock

Shiftee helps employees to clock in and out by sending work-start / late / work-end / overtime notifications based on shifts.

  • Notify work-start and work-end

  • Notify late or overtime

Manage and Respond Systematically

Automatic syncing of timeclock

When an employee clocks in, attendance record is automatically generated and the administrator does not need to manage attendance by hand.

Compare with schedule

Collected attendance records are compared to scheduled shifts and you can see how the actual time differs from the planned.

Export attendance report

Download attendance reports in excel for internal usage.

Support Offsite Work


For unplanned offsite works, you can use clock-in / clock-out request. Manager can approve the request by checking captured location of the employee.


For planned offsite works, you can clock in/out within the radius of the pre-approved offsite area in your shift.

Build your automated
T&A environment today

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