Reliable Timeclock Attendance

Shiftee supports any complex management hierarchy.
Manage timesheet by each location, department, or team.

Accurate Timeclock

Prevent off-location clock in/out using GPS coordinates and location's WiFi.

By binding a single device to each employee, prevent surrogate clock in/out.

Through approving confirmed attendances, restrict unauthorized modifications.


Receive real-time notifications for staff's clocks in/out, late, overtime etc.

With Shiftee's powerful notification, be informed anywhere anytime.

Now At Work

Monitor real-time work status (who's working, on break, late etc) at multiple locations at once with 'Now At Work'

Spacious Web Admin

Try Shiftee Web Admin on your PC.

View all locations' attendances in Calendar/List view and easily edit records.

Streamline your payroll process by exporting to Excel.