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Why Shiftee?

Transparent Attendance Management for a Healthy Workplace

Share working hours, break times, and leaves with colleagues to manage working hours transparently.

Establish a Free
and Flexible Work Environment

We help startups adopt flexible work systems that fit their needs.

Strong and Rapid Growth through Meticulous HR Management

All-in-one solution for managing employee schedules, leaves, and attendance data. We offer free training for businesses on implementing work systems.

We began using Shiftee to implement flexible work hours. The intuitive solution made it easier for all employees to manage their work hours and leave days. The most important advantage is its customization for each company's needs.

- Wework

We evaluated many tools for the 52-hour workweek system, but Shiftee was the most intuitive and easy to use. It helped us save a significant amount of time and effort in managing attendance and leave days.

- Noom

Shiftee is flexible and can be customized to fit our company's specific needs. It also provides a single platform for managing all aspects of time and attendance, including leaves.

- Riot Games

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I would like to implement a flexible work system. Can you help?

Of course. Over 300,000 companies have already created a better working environment with Shiftee. Our solution is optimized for implementing flexible work systems for startups. We'll help you with everything from workforce management training to the implementation of flexible work systems.

Can I manage employees’ leaves automatically?

Yes. Shiftee provides leave management on the web and mobile app. You can automatically accrue leaves for employees based on their date of employment or the fiscal year, and manage leaves in real time.

Can companies that don’t record attendances use Shiftee?

Yes. Some Shiftee users don’t record attendances. They use only scheduling and leave features to share schedules with colleagues, encourage collaboration, and manage working hours. For more information, please contact sales.

Do you provide API or integration with other services?

Yes. Shiftee offers Open API and integrations with Slack, Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Greeting, Saramin Rivers and more. For more information, please contact sales.

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