Shiftee Desktop

From Workforce Management to PC-OFF,
One Solution for All

Shiftee Desktop with PC-OFF feature.
Create a more convenient workforce management environment with Shiftee web and mobile app.

More than 300,000 businesses worldwide use Shiftee to make better workplaces.

Empower your workforce with PC-OFF

Boost Productivity and Reduce Working Hours

PC usage is restricted after working hours, which improves work productivity during working hours and reduces overtime.

Cultivate a Balanced Work Culture

Foster an improved work culture by creating efficient work environments, ensuring a balance between work and life.

Accurate Time and Attendance Management

Accurate time management can be achieved by tracking not only PC on/off, but also by accounting PC inactivity time as break time.

Secure In-House Information and Documents

Restricting PC use during holidays and leave days can help businesses to improve security of in-house data and documents.

Amazingly Convenient Office Time
and Attendance Management

Easily manage attendance just by turning on your PC.
Prevent missing clock-in/outs and restrict PC use based on employee schedules.

Work Schedule

Control PC based on scheduled shifts. Restrict PC use when the shift ends.


Employees can use a PC from their allowed clock-in time. Reduce missing clock-in/outs and manage attendance in all environments with Shiftee Desktop.

Leave Schedule

Restrict PC usage on days off, minimizing labor risks and maintaining security by limiting work beyond scheduled shifts.

Accurate Time Management Based on PC

Precise work time tracking through PC non-use management
and easy requests for shortened/extended work hours.
An end-to-end solution managing everything from attendance to time management.

PC Usage Management

If there's no PC usage for a certain period, it's considered as being away, leading to restricted PC usage. Employees can request an explanation upon resuming PC usage.

Shortened/Overtime Work Request

Easily adjust your work schedule using Shiftee's request-approval feature, allowing accurate work time tracking and flexible work system operation.

Reasons Corporations
Choose Shiftee Desktop

PC-OFF in cloud service

Shiftee Desktop, a cost-effective cloud service, offers quicker setup and ongoing updates compared to traditional PC-OFF programs.

Integrated with Attendance Control System

All T&A data from the attendance control system is also linked in shiftee on real time.

A Synchronized Workforce Management Experience
Across All Environments.

Web App

Precisely manage work schedules, payroll, contract tasks, and large amounts of data from the web app.

Mobile App

All of Shiftee's features are available on the mobile app. Use key features anytime, anywhere.

Shiftee Desktop

A platform optimized for attendance management of office workers. Start Managing your time more easily and accurately.

System Stability and Compatibility

We do our best to provide the highest level of security and data protection
so that you can use our services with peace of mind.

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Acquired ISO 27001:2013 security certification

Stable service provision using AWS

TLS, AES-256 encrypted transmission and storage

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Start with Shiftee Desktop,
Optimized for Workforce Management of Office Workers.

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