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Easy to Onboard,
Scales with Your Business

Easy to Onboard,
Scales with Your Business

Enjoy fast adoption of service and easy onboarding for new employees. Since Shiftee does not require any installation of a device or collection of biometric information, you can set timeclock areas of your company remotely from the HQ.

  • Join Shiftee via unique invite codes

  • Set timeclock areas remotely from the HQ

  • Clock in/out with coordinate and WiFi verification

Accurate and Intuitive Management than ever

Clock In/Out

Replace the traditional fingerprint identification and beacons. Shiftee uses coordinate and WiFi verification which allows simultaneous clocking in/out of large numbers of employees without any errors.

Shift Scheduling

Get real-time updates of work schedules for you and your team with the latest data. Drive employee engagement and productivity by sharing work schedules and leaves in real-time.

Streamline Your Request-Approval Processes

Optimize workflows on overtime work, holiday work, WFH, leave and more.

Create/Edit/Delete Shift

Enable a flexible working environment by approving requests for shifts, overtime work, deemed work, etc. while having full control over employees' working hours.

Create/Edit/Delete Attendance

Employees can send a request when they have forgotten to clock in/out or to change their records to leave an accurate clock in/out time.

Create/Edit/Delete Leave

Enjoy streamlined leave approval workflows. Set paid hours and deduction amounts on each leave type to manage leaves systematically.

Custom Request

Simple, yet Comprehensive Solution
for Approval Workflows

  • Customized input fields for universal request management

  • Configure different approval rules for each type of customized request

  • Get and track approvals anytime, anywhere from every PC or mobile app

Electronic Signature

Streamline Workflows with Electronic Signature.

No more paper-works and no need for installation. Manage all your documents with electronic signature in one single platform.

Clear Picture of Employee’s
Accrued/Used/Remaining Leaves

Stay on top of managing different leave types and remaining balances in one simple platform. Employees can keep track of their own leave balances and view coworkers’ leave schedules directly through PC or mobile app.

Automate Your Payroll with Shiftee

Payroll has never been easier with our complete solution for managing wage, shifts, attendances and leaves - all in one. Get the accurate, reliable workforce data from choosing what’s right for your business.

  • Shifts and time clocks synced in real-time
  • Get the accurate, complete report in excel file
  • Automation on employee payroll
  • Integrate other industry-leading softwares right into Shiftee

Let us reduce your HR workload,
while boosting your productivity

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