Enjoy the power of Integrated T&A Solution

Quick Set Up
Easy Onboarding

Set up is quick and onboarding for new employees is easy. Since Shiftee does not require any hardware installation, you can set timeclock areas for all your locations remotely from the HQ.

  • Invite new employees via unique invite codes

  • Set timeclock areas remotely from the HQ

  • Use GPS or WiFi for clock in/out authentication

Record with Confidence
Manage with Intuition

Clock In/Out

Do away with hardware-based timeclock such as biometrics or beacons. With Coordinate and WiFi authentication, multiple employees can simultaneously record clock in/out without getting in line or needing extra installation.

Work Schedules

Work schedules are always in sync between managers and staffs. Real-time sharing of work schedules and vacation plans within the company helps facilitate easier collaboration.

Request and Approval
Becomes Paperless

No more paperwork or filing for Time and Attendance.
Shiftee centralizes all requests like schedule, overtime, leave, WFH and more.

Plan/Change Shift

Enable flexible working environment using approval requests for shifts, overtime, deemed work and more while having full control over your employees' working hours.

Request/Cancel Leave

Leave and vacation requests just got easy. Set paid hours and deduction amounts on each leave type to manage your company's leaves more systematically.

Offsite Request

When an employee requests to clock in or out outside the office, managers can approve or reject the request by checking location.

Monitor accrued, used, remaining
annual leaves at a glance

Manage accrued and remaining annual leaves in a single system. Staff can also view their coworkers' leaves via web or mobile app.

T&A Reports

By integrating employees' wage, shift, attendance and leave records, reporting and settlement can now be automated. Simply select the columns that you need for your report and download a complete T&A report.

  • Interworking of shift, attendance and leave records
  • Download complete report in Excel file
  • Payroll automation
  • Integration with external system (ERP)

Reduce HR workload and
Improve productivity.

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