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What To Look For When Choosing a Timeclock Attendance System


Author | David Hong

Enterprise Sales Manager

Finding the right tools or system to implement in your business is a daunting project. The search for the perfect software itself is a very time-consuming task. And when you have found several options, that's only the beginning.
A lot of owners or managers just pick and choose the timeclock attendance system that is easy to find such as POS timeclock system, intranet, punch cards, etc. Nowadays, with many things going digital in our daily life, using a mobile app for timeclock and scheduling activities can be a more convenient and appealing option.

What can go wrong when you implement an ineffective timeclock attendance system?

  • Credibility : An employee can buddy-clock-in for a colleague.
  • Managing Authority : If the system does not have enough access levels that give specific privileges to each level, anyone can access the timesheet and modify and you do not want that.
  • Multiple Location : Do you operate more than one store? If your timeclock system does not support multiple locations, you will have a hard time trying to collect timesheet from each location.
  • Accessibility : Are you able to access the system anywhere? Like literally, on your mobile phone or a desktop at home? Imagine yourself waiting until tomorrow morning until you get to work to correct attendances or pull out a report.
  • Reporting : Your timeclock attendance may only give you a raw timesheet. Without a reporting feature, you will be doing one yourself.

And... the list goes on.

Shiftee not only has timeclock attendance but also reporting and even scheduling shifts which solve all the issues above.
The scheduled shifts will be compared to the real attendances so you can analyze which employees are tardy. Notification is a bonus.

The benefits of using Shiftee - Employee Scheduler and Timeclock Attendance

  1. Manage multiple locations. (learn more)
  2. Assign different access levels such as managers and supervisors. (learn more)
  3. Schedule employee shifts.
  4. Let employees clock-in/out using their own smartphone.
  5. Pull up a report or process payroll for hourly workers.
  6. Share shift schedule.
  7. Get notified of timeclock activities. (clock-in/out, late, overtime notifications)

Implementing the right system to your business can save you a tons of time.

Learn more about Shiftee's timeclock attendance.

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