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Scheduling Large Pool of Employees


Author | David Hong

Enterprise Sales Manager

Scheduling is a known cause of a headache to all of us. In a large corporate setting, it could give you a nightmare. If your company, a cosmetics retail company, for example, has 50 locations and 600 employees, let me guess ..., there could be several regional managers and maybe a manager at each branch. The managers may already be swarmed with many daunting tasks to operate stores and also have to meet the sales target for the month.
On top of those, you will find yourself sitting in front of a computer for hours using Excel to schedule shifts for the next month. Your plate is already full and you can't spend much time on scheduling and calculating payroll. Managing stores is difficult and scheduling shifts but allocating human resources don't have to be.

Schedule Faster and Easier

Shiftee facilitates scheduling process of managers in three ways

  • Easier and faster shift and time-off scheduling
  • Automatically sharing a roster
  • Labor cost estimation.

The easier and faster scheduling statement is backed by our powerful feature i.e. Multi-Schedule. It is to create multiple shifts at once. For example:

  • Multi-Schedule a Specific Employee: create multiple sporadic shifts all at once.
  • Multi-Schedule Many Employees: create multiple repeating shifts for multiple employees at once.

Shiftee for Large Pool of Employees

Shiftee is well-suited with corporations with a large pool of employees and many locations. We do this by providing 4 different access levels and supporting multiple locations within a company entity. You can also assign selective locations to a specific manager or supervisor so he/she does not have access to other locations. Our service can be applied to the following industries

  • Companies providing a workforce outsourcing service to clients
  • Factories or facility operations (e.g. manufacturing, power plant, etc)
  • Distribution centers (logistics)
  • Theme parks (e.g. VR, escape room, amusement park, etc)
  • F&B corporations
  • Retail corporations
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels

Process, Process, and Process

Improving workflow and process is as important as managing the process. If your process management has many pitfalls and inefficiencies, you must find a way to fix it or replace the whole process with something ... better. Scheduling process for many managers are as below

  1. Gather availabilities
  2. Schedule with an incompetent scheduler i.e. Excel
  3. Share a roster via email or a messenger which cannot sync with your original schedule spreadsheet
  4. Re-share every time you revise

Feel something's wrong with above process in this technologically advanced era?
The 30-day free trial button is on our Shiftee homepage.

Now that you are aware that scheduling is a known problem in your business, act now. Save tons of time for managers with Shiftee so they can fulfill more important responsibilities. Look no further.

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