New Feature - Change Device Request


Author | Jee Eun Lee

Product Manager

We’re very pleased to introduce our new feature - “Change Device Request”.
As this feature has been requested for a long time, this is a special moment for Shiftee team. Let us share the background story for launching Change Device Request and a brief guide on how to use this feature.

What is Change Device Request?

Shiftee prevents attendance fraud in advance by binding each employee’s account to a mobile device.
For this reason, a process of re-binding the new device to employee’s account is necessary when they change their devices. Having not understood this system, our customers often asked us “I changed my phone, what should I do?” “I cannot access to my company since changing my device.” But because there was no means for employees to directly ask to their managers to change their devices, inconvenience for our customers persisted.

To improve the process of changing device and hence to provide a better user experience, we launched ‘Change Device Request Feature’. Now employees can simply send a ‘change device request’ to their managers through Shiftee mobile application, and as soon as the managers approve the request, employees can use Shiftee with their new devices.

Employees can intuitively figure out what to do when changing their devices,
and managers can manage employees' devices in a simple and easy way.

How to use Change Device Request

Mobile - Staff


  1. Log into Shiftee and select a company from the list.
  2. If you have changed to a new mobile device, an alert will show up. Tap on ‘Change Device Request’.
  3. Send a request to your manager. After getting an approval, you can access your company again.

Mobile - Manager


  1. Check the staff's device information and approve.

See Change Device Request for further details.

Reliable Shiftee

Not only does Shiftee prevent attendance fraud through 1:1 device binding system,
but also by achieving internationally accredited certifications for information security management system, Shiftee continues to provide a reliable service to both employers and employees.

  • The first Korean HR SaaS solution to achieve the ISO 27001 certification
  • 1:1 device binding system to prevent time clock fraud
  • Company settings option to prevent clocking in/out without SIM cards


Shiftee is always listening to our customers to provide a better service, and based on the voice of our customers, Shiftee continues to provide new updates faster than ever. We’ll be updating news on our new features through our Updates blog articles, and Shiftee Team will continue to improve our service to deliver a better user experience and to become the best solution.

If there is any suggestion or question, please send us a feedback to

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