Change Device Request

Updated At: 2021-08-19

All Users can send a change device request from the mobile application.
  • Shiftee prevents attendance cheating by binding each employee's account to a mobile device.
  • Therefore, send a change device request to bind your account to a new mobile device.


• Please be noted that you can choose your approvers according to the settings in Company Settings - Permission and Request Approval Rule done by Owners. • To reset the employee's bound device, see Reset Employee Bound Device.


STEP 1) Log into Shiftee and select a company from the list.
STEP 2) If you have changed to a new mobile device, an alert will show up. Tap on ‘Change Device Request’.
STEP 3) Send a request to your manager. After getting an approval, you can access your company again.


Users with Supervisor Access Level and Higher can use their new mobile devices without sending a request.

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