Shift Type Use Cases ② Holiday Replacement

Updated At: 2023-11-23

Owner can set and manage shift types.
All employees can use these shift types when scheduling shifts.
  • This help guide introduces the use cases of a shift type with a ‘non-holiday work’ option.
  • If you need more information about shift types, please refer to Manage Shift Types.

Does your company have a holiday replacement system?
If so, try using a shift type with the ‘non-holiday work’ option.

If an employee works on a holiday with the non-holiday work type shift, it will not be counted as holiday work treating the holiday as a regular workday. In addition, you can easily operate the holiday replacement system by sending a holiday replacement work request and a holiday simultaneously.

1. Add a shift type that applies the ‘Non-holiday work’ option

Go to [Manage > Shift Types] menu and add a new shift type with the ‘Non-holiday work’ option.

📢  Note

The type name and color set here will be displayed on the calendar when creating a schedule using this shift type.

2. Create a Shift Template

Create a shift template that uses this shift type to add a schedule.
Go to Manage > Shift Templates menu. Add a ‘holiday replacement work’ shift template using the shift type with ‘non-holiday work’ option.

3. Add a leave type that is a holiday

When working on a holiday(for holiday replacement work), the emplopyee's working day must be designated as holiday instead.
To apply the existing working day as a holiday, add a leave type that is reflected as a holiday.

Go to [Manage > Leave Types] to add a leave type that is applied as a holiday.
In the time option settings, set ‘holiday’ for additional option.

The image above is an example. You can customize the detailed options according to your company's regulations.

📢  Note

• Only Owner can access the leave type menu.
• For leave type that applies additonal > holiday option, only all day time option can be selected.
• Delete fully included shifts option : If there is a shift that is completely included in the leave time, the existing shift will be deleted.

For more information about shift types, please refer to Manage leave types.

4. Set approval rule for ‘create shift request’

Finally, you need to set up approval rules so that you can apply for a leave to replace a holiday at the same time as applying for a holiday work.

Go to [Manage > Approval Rules > Create Shift Request > Advanced Settings] and check ‘Enforce create leaves request if shift type is non-holiday work’ option.

When you request a holiday work, you will be taken directly to the process of requesting a leave with ‘holiday’ option applied, making it easy to operate the holiday replacement system.

📢  Note

Depending on whether non-offday/holiday option is selected in shift type, you can also check the 'non-offday/holiday work' option in approval rules > create shift request > advanced settings.

The pre-settings are complete.
To request a holiday work, employees will follow the following procedure.

1. Create shift request > send request for ‘holiday work’

To request a holiday work, employees can use the corresponding shift template.

When you request a shift with ‘non-holiday work’ option applied, holiday will not be applied and it will not be displayed as holiday work even if you request work on a holiday.

2. Send request for leave(holiday)

After sending a holiday work request, a pop-up window will appear that allows you to apply for a holiday replacement leave immediately.
Click ‘OK’ to continue to the creaet leave request page.

📢  Note

If the request is approved, the existing shift will be automatically deleted.
(If 'delete fully included shifts' setting is on from [leave type > advanced settings])

• Approve request and check holiday replacement schedule

Managers can view the request in [Requests] menu.
Work schedule must be approved before the leave(holiday) can be approved.
Therefore, the ‘approve’ button will only appear for the shift create request.

📢  Note

If employee did not send a create leave request in this procedure, (* No linked create leaves request) will appear.
Please reject the request and instruct the employee to send the request again according to the procedure.

If you approve the shift request, the linked leave request will also be approved automatically.

Once the approval is complete, you can confirm that the holiday work schedule and leave are reflected in the calendar.

• Check working hours for holiday work

In the real-time report, you can check that even if the employee works on a holiday or non-working day, scheduled holiday hours are counted as 0.

Due to the holiday replacement, the employee's contractual working hours are maintained as they were, so scheduled overtime hours are reflected as 0.

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