Shift Type Use Cases ② Holiday Replacement

Updated At: 2023-03-08

Owners can set and manage shift types.
All employees can use these shift types when scheduling shifts.
  • This help guide introduces the use cases of a shift type with a ‘non-holiday work’ option.
  • If you need more information about shift types, please refer to Manage Shift Types.

Does your company provide a replacement holiday?
If so, try using a shift type with the ‘non-holiday work’ option.

If an employee works on a holiday with the non-holiday work type shift, it will not be counted as holiday work treating the holiday as a regular workday.
Instead, by designating specific workdays as holidays, your company can provide a replacement holiday.

1. Add a Shift Type that Applies the ‘Non-Holiday Work’ Option

Go to Manage > Shift Types menu and add a new shift type with the ‘Non-Holiday Work’ option.

📢  Note

The type name and color set here will be displayed on the calendar when creating a schedule using this shift type.

2. Create a Shift Template

Create a shift template that uses this shift type to add a schedule.
Go to Manage > Shift Templates menu. Add a ‘holiday replacement work’ shift template using the shift type with ‘non-holiday work’ option.

3. Apply for Holiday Work by Sending a ‘Create Shift Request’

Now you can apply for holiday work using the corresponding shift template.
Even if they apply for work on a holiday, it will be considered as ‘weekday work’ and not be calculated as holiday work since employees requested schedules using a shift type with the ‘non-holiday work’ option.

4. Check the Schedule Reflected on the Calendar

Once the manager approves the request, you can check your schedule with the shift type name (‘holiday replacement work’) reflected on the calendar as follows.

5. Add a Leave Type with Holiday Option

To designate an employee's workday as a holiday(as agreed), add a leave type that reflects as a holiday from Manage > Leave Types menu.

Apply the ‘holiday’ option from the additional options at the bottom.
Please note that the image above is given as an example. Change the detailed options according to your company's policy.

📢  Note

• Only Owner can manage leave types.
• For leave types with Additional > holiday option, time option with all-day is only selectable.
• Delete fully included shifts option : In case where a schedule is completely included in the leave time, the existing schedule will be deleted.

For further instructions on leave types, please refer to Manage Leave Types.

6. Apply for Alternative Holidays(Day off)

Depending on the company's policy, the manager may choose to add leaves directly to employees' schedule, or employees may apply for leaves by sending a ‘Create Leaves Request’.

When employees apply, they can request an ‘alternative holiday(Day off)’ which is considered as a holiday.

Check Working Hours for Holiday Work

As indicated in the report, when an employee works on a public holiday with a shift that applies the ‘non-holiday work’ option, their holiday work hours are recorded as zero.
Additionally, scheduling a leave on a regular workday allows employees to maintain their contractual working hours without incurring any overtime hours.

As suggested above, consider using shift types with the ‘non-holiday work’ option to effectively manage holiday replacement system in accordance with your company's policy.

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