Wage - Maximum Working Hour Rule

Updated At: 2023-03-24

Owners, Managers and Supervisors(restricted) can manage an Employee's Wage Info.
  • You can set Maximum working hours in different units of time : Day/Week/Month.
  • Maximum work is considered when the maximum working hours are exceeded.


This article walks through the steps to set Wage - Maximum Working Hour Rule.
For employee basic information, see Edit Employee's Basic Info.
To set employee's wage information see Manage Employee's Wage Info.


Add Maximum Working Hour Rule

STEP 1 ) Go to Manage > Wages from the menu, then click on + Add Wage button.

STEP 2 ) First, check your basic settings from Wage - Basic Info and Wage - Contractual Hour Rule.
Then, move on to Maximum Hour Rule tab and enter the information below by following the instructions.

Terms Explanation
Maximum Working Hours
Select the unit among 1 day/1 week/1 month to calculate maximum working hours. Then, enter the maximum limit hours within a unit period. e.g) If '1 week' is selected, an employee can work up to 52 hours in a week.

Unit Period
Select a unit period to apply the rule.

e.g) 52-hour work week setting
52 maximum working hours in a week, Unit Period 1 month
Maximum working hours available in January : 52 / 7 ⅹ 31 = around 230 hours.

Include Holidays Option
Check whether to include holidays(public holiday / custom holiday / weekly paid holiday) when calculating maximum working hours
• Include Holidays : Calculate 7 days in a week
e.g) Maximum working hours in January : 52 / 7 ⅹ 31 = around 230 hours

• Exclude Holidays : Only calculate working days in a week
e.g) Maximum working hours in January : 52 / 5(5 working days) ⅹ 20(working days within a month) = around 208 hours

Maximum Working Hour Rule Application Example

You cannot send a request for creating shifts if the scheduled hours exceed the Maximum working hours.



STEP 1 ) Tap menu on the top left, then tap Wages.
STEP 2 ) Select an employee from the list.
STEP 3 ) To create new wage information, tap + button at the bottom. To modify the existing wage information, select one from the list.

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