Timeclock Area and WiFi

Updated At: 2017-06-08

Shiftee Timeclock Attendance works based on WiFi or GPS coordinates of the location set by the management. This help article will explain about using WiFi of your premise to verify the timeclock activities of employees. Please read our Timeclock Area and Coordinate for businesses with no available WiFi connections.

In order to make sure employees clock-in and out at specific store or office, you need to register a specific WiFi at your office or store to a specific location in Shiftee. For example, you have stores at two locations called ‘Robson’ and ‘Granville’ and each store has its own WiFi network for employees to use. Every WiFi network has its own set of identifiers and you can use these to register to a location. This way, the employees cannot clock-in/out for attendance unless their smartphones are connected to their location's WiFi network. Therefore, employees can only clock-in/out at areas set by management in Shiftee.

Benefits of Using Your WiFi Network as a Timeclock Spot

Some businesses have only one location and others may have several. Regardless, a WiFi network is mostly set up in all of your store or office branches. Some businesses install a special device for employees to clock-in and out at each location. This requires significant investments in a number of equipment devices for all of your stores and incur maintenance costs such as server and repair.

Shiftee lets you use your already existing WiFi networks as Timeclock spots for each location. The benefits are:

  • Reliable by using your WiFi network's unique identifiers that remain unchanged
  • No equipment needed for all your store branches
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Accessible by all of your employees

How to Set Up a Location's WiFi as the Timeclock Spot.

To register a WiFi network to a location, simply connect to the WiFi with your smartphone and open Shiftee mobile app to follow below steps:

  1. Tab ‘More’ > ‘Locations’
  2. Select a location you wish to register a WiFi network.
  3. Tab ‘Edit’ > Turn on ‘Use WiFi for Timeclock’
  4. Tab ‘Use Current WiFi’ and Save! You can now see a WiFi IP address + name of the WiFi network.

You can manually enter the IP address of a WiFi to a location. However, it is strongly recommended you use Shiftee mobile app to properly register WiFi following above instructions as manual entry will not save the name of the WiFi network and may cause confusion in the future. Using Shiftee mobile app to register WiFi will also register the name of the WiFi network (e.g. Harbour Centre 5G) so your employees can easily identify which WiFi to connect.

WiFi network of a location can only be modified by Supervisor, Manager, Owner access levels and everyone who belongs to the location will get a notification that the registered WiFi has been modified by whom.

Shiftee Timeclock Attendance Uses Public IP Address, Not Private IP Address

The difference between a public and private IP address is that a public IP address is the unique IP address assigned to a device such as a router and it will remain the same every time you connect; while a private IP address is assigned to each smart device in a network such as a smartphone and often changes everytime the device is newly connected to the network.

Shiftee uses a unique, static IP address assigned to your network router so the Timeclock WiFi environment remains the most reliable and stable.

(If your store powers off the WiFi router everytime you close at the end of the day, please contact us at support@shiftee.io and we'd be glad to help you.)

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