Company Settings - Payroll

Updated At: 2021-11-09

Only Owner can manage payroll settings.
  • Shiftee provides payroll on shift and attendance records based on employee's hourly rate set from Employee's Wage Info.
  • You can check payroll-adjusted attendances with basic/overtime work/night work/holiday work pay from Attendance > Payroll.


This article walks through the steps to adjust Currency and Payroll Time Unit for payroll.


Go to Company Settings - Payroll from the menu in Web Manager Mode. web_companySettingsPayroll

Currency Settings

From this option, you can select the currency of different countries.

Select a currency for employee's wage which is also used in payroll.
For detailed wage info settings, see Employee's Wage Info.

Payroll Time Unit


  • Use the payroll time unit feature to prevent excessive costs from calculating payroll based on attendance records. You can round up or down the actual working time for easier calculation.

  • You can set payroll time unit to round up or down attendance/break time from 1 minute to nearest 60 minute time unit.
    e.g. Round up clock out time up to nearest 10 minute 18:04 → 18:10

  • Payroll is calculated after applying the selected payroll time unit. See Payroll for more information.

* TIP ! : For accurate payroll based on employees actual attendance records, set payroll time unit to Round down to nearest 1 minute.

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