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Some companies have one who submits Attendance records and one who reviews and approves. A local personnel could edit the employees' attendance records when there is an error or mistake before submitting to the head office. Once reviewed by the head-office, a local branch manager cannot, of course, edit or delete the records. In order for this process to be smoothly transitioned to a timeclock attendance system, the system must have approval feature that is only allowed to certain access levels.

Shift Approval Feature

In Shiftee, an Owner Access Level can turn on “Use attendance approval feature” at Company Settings on our Web Admin.

shiftee use attendance approval feature

Once this feature is live, Managers and Owner can approve attendances recorded by each employee. Once approved, those attendance entries cannot be edited by Supervisors. In order for Supervisors to revise an attendance entry, Manager or Owner must unapprove it.

shiftee use attendance approval feature

Privilege for Managing Attendance

In Shiftee, the following Access Levels have attendance managing privileges and approvals can be given by an Owner or Managers only.

  • Owner can maintain and approve attendances of all Employees at all Locations.
  • Manager can maintain and approve attendances of all Employees at all Locations.
  • Supervisor can maintain attendances for all Employees at his/her assigned Location(s) ONLY.

Implementation in multi-branch restaurant

  1. Assign Manager Access Level to appropriate personnel in head-office.
  2. Assign Supervisor Access Level to each branch's managing personnel.
  3. Each branch's Supervisor Levels can create, edit, and delete only until the attendances are approved and finalized.
  4. Head-office Managers Access Level personnel approve attendances to finalize.
  5. Supervisor Access Level personnel at each branch cannot edit or delete approved attendances.

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Updated At: 2017-05-16