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Regardless of which industry, every business has personnel with different authority pertaining to their positions. For example, employees can view schedule and clock-in only while managers can schedule using Excel and gather all attendance data to report to owner or central management.

Another instance is that regional managers have several stores to operate and report to headoffice, while employees can only clock in and check schedule at their locations.

Access Levels

Staff: Staff can view scheduled shifts or leaves under his assigned location(s) and clock-in/out using own smartphone. Can view ‘My Timesheet’ and get notifications regarding one's own shifts.

Supervisor: Supervisor has all Staff level privileges to begin. In addition, supervisor can schedule all employees assigned to his/her location(s). Can manage timesheet and invite/edit staff within his/her assigned location(s). Supervisor can also setup the location's wifi or GPS coordinates and radius.

Manager: Manager has all Supervisor level privileges, however, is not limited to his/her own location(s). Manager can manage locations, positions, shift templates and ALL employees. Manager has a power to approve scheduled shifts and attendances so they cannot be edited or deleted unless unapproved.

Owner: Owner has all Manager level privileges. In addition, owner has access to Company Settings Owner has access to company's billing profile.

Access Levels and Privileges

Privilege Staff Supervisor Manager Owner
Scope My Assigned Location My Assigned Location All Locations All Locations
Basic Usage
View my shifts (+ other employees' shifts if allowed) O O O O
View ‘My Timesheet’¹ O O O O
Clock-in/out and break via mobile app O O O O
Send requests:
- to create/edit shift or leave, to apply deemed work hours, off-site clock-in/out
Approve requests (only when received by oneself) O O O
Managing Schedule, Attendance, and Leaves
Manage shifts O O O
Manage shift templates O O O
Manage attendances¹ O O O
Manage leaves (schedule, edit, delete) O O O
Manage PTOs (set accruals) O O
Approve(finalize) shifts and attendances² O O
General Management
Manage employees (create, invite, assign locations or positions) O O O
Setup or change wifi IP or GPS coordinates of an assigned location O O O
Use Web Admin O O O
Manage locations/teams O O
Manage positions O O
Owner Only
Company Settings³:
- Apply important rules and policies on shift, attendance, and leaves. Or restrict other access levels from certain activities.

1. The privilege to view 'My Timesheet' can be restricted by owner in Company Settings.

2. Shifts and attendances cannot be edited or deleted after they have been confirmed. In order to edit or delete, manager or owner has to unapprove.

3. Can be set up by owner at Company Settings. These settings are company-wide and applies to all locations within. Learn more about Company Settings.

Learn more about Multiple Teams.

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Updated At: 2018-09-01

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