Clock In and Out

Updated At: 2017-07-28

Attendance is an actual work hours logged for an employee. All employees can clock-in and clock-out when they are at work.

Relationship with Location and Wifi

An attendance of an employee belongs to one location. Every location can be tied to a WiFi IP address or coordinates so that employees clock-in and out only when their smartphones are connected to the wifi or within certain distance from the location.

You can also sort or filter attendances by an employee and a location to view records and get total worked hours of a specific employee at a specific location.

Relationship with Shift

Shift is a planned work schedule while attendance is an actual record. An attendance is matched with a shift. This allows Shiftee to identify which shift does not have any attendance record so that late notification can be sent. An employee can clock-in for a shift from 2 hours before the shift start-time.

When an employee tries to clock-in while there is no shift available, Shiftee lets him/her clock-in on call. An on-call attendance does not link to any shift.

Forgot-to-clock-out Attendance

Sometimes employees may forget to clock-out even though Shiftee would remind. In this case, you will have an empty clock-out time in the attendance. This missing clock-out times will be displayed with an exclamation icon so you can distinguish them at a glance.

Who can manage attendances (manual entry, edit, delete)

  • Owner
  • Manager
  • Supervisor (Only can manage attendances of his assigned location(s)), (Owner may restrict Supervisors to manage attendances)

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