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Updated At: 2017-08-10

If you have a large number of employees at multiple locations with multiple positions, ‘Now At Work’ card in the home screen of Shiftee mobile app can be useful. Literally, you can see the employees who are currently at work / break / early clock-out / late.

The ‘Now At Work’ card is is shown below. You can check how many employees are currently working broken down by their positions at Granville location and Robson location, so the boss or managers who work offsite so they can check the attendance situation of the store in real time.

Shiftee Now At Work 1

If you have many staff in one premise, for example, you can scroll down the screen to see all current shifts and status of employees at Robson branch.

Shiftee Now At Work 2

Now, let's learn how Shiftee decides whether an employee is working (on-shift), working (on-call), resting, clocked-out early, or late for work.

Working (green):
Employees with current shift clocks in.

On-Call Clock-in (sky blue):
Employees without current shift clocks in. (An employee clocks in on call.)

Break (yellow):
Employee presses Start Break button after clocking in.

Early Clock-out (grey):
Employees who are currently on duty leave work earlier than the scheduled end time.

Late (red):
An employee does not clock in within 10 minutes after the scheduled start time.

Learn more about Shift and Attendance.

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