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Updated At: 2018-03-12

Break feature in Shiftee has two distinct functions: Automatic break time addition and manual break time entry by each employee. Some businesses assume a certain amount of break time during work hours while others strictly want to track exact break time of each employee for the purpose of payroll, or just for reviews. Shiftee can be used in either situation.

Normally, a business is required by State Labor Law to give at least 30 minutes of unpaid meal break for every four hours. This varies among the states and jurisdictions so we strongly urge you to refer to the State Laws where your business is located.

Now, let's take a look at how employees record their breaks with Shiftee and how managers add missing break time and edit incorrect records.

1. Automatic Break Addition

Automatic break features can be turned on/off by Owner Access level in Company Settings. Follow below steps to get to the settings. Mobile: [More] - [Company Settings] - [Payroll] - Use Automatic Break Addition Web Admin: [Company Settings] - [Payroll] - Use Automatic Break Addition

Shiftee Break

Automatic Break Addition Rules

The rules can be set as ‘add break-time per working hours’. e.g. Add 30 min of break-time per 4.5 working hours. So if an employee works 9 hours, 60 min of break will be automatically added, vice verse.

2. Employees Record Break on Their Own

Break button can be turned on/off by Owner Access level in Company Settings. Follow below steps to get to the settings. Mobile: [More] - [Company Settings] - [Timeclock] - Turn on ‘Use Break Button’ Web Admin: [Company Settings] - [Timeclock] - Turn on ‘Use Break Button’

Use Break Button (Recorded by Employees)

Employees can start or end break with Shiftee mobile app. These buttons only appear while they're clocked-in (if Owner Access Level has turned on this option in Company Settings). The following example shows that Keith Palmer went on two breaks at 2:45 pm and at 5 pm.

Shiftee Break

To Edit an Employee's Break Time (Supervisor or Higher Access Level)

If you'd like to edit an incorrect break end-time, you can either do it on Shiftee Web Admin or Mobile app. Let's now learn how to do so.

01 Open Employee's Attendance
Tab Attendance button at the bottom of the mobile app and scroll down to Aug 19, 2017. You will see Keith's clock-in attendance. Click on it to view detailed attendance.

Shiftee Break

02 View Breaks
While on attendance detail page of Keith, tab Break Time

Shiftee Break

03 Select the Break Time You Wish to Edit
There are two breaks. If you'd like to edit 5:00p - 5:16p break, tab. Then edit the break start-time or end-time.
(If you tab + icon, you can add any missing break time.)

Shiftee Break

Implication of Break-time in Payroll

When processing payroll, Shiftee subtracts break time to calculate payable hours. For example, when an employee's attendance was recorded as below:

Start-time: 9:00am
End-time: 6:30pm
Recorded Break-time: 17 min
Automatic Break-time: 60 min

Shiftee will use 8 hours and 13 minutes (9.5 hours - 77 minutes) to calculate payroll.

You can also apply for rounding rules to break by changing Payroll Time Unit.

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