Attendance Break Time

Updated At: 2021-07-26

Owners, Managers and Supervisors(restricted) can manage attendance break time.

There are two ways to add a break time.

  • Automatic Break Time : Automatically add a break time based on either total working hours or a local time range.
  • Manual Break Time : Manually add a break time by clicking on the break button from mobile app.


To use automatic break time feature, see Company Settings - Break.

Set Manual Break Time Feature

Go to Company Settings - Breaks and check the ‘Use Break Button’ option. web_companySettingsBreaks

Add a Break Time Using Break Button

You can only use this feature from mobile app. Click on Break button to add a break time.


STEP 1 ) To start your break, click on Start Break button.
STEP 2 ) Select a break area if you have multiple timeclock areas in your team/location.
STEP 3 ) To end your break, click on End Break button.


• You must be currently working(after you clocked in) to use a break button.
• You can click on the break button only if you are in a timeclock area boundary.

Manage Attendance Break Time

① Web Manager Mode

Managers can manage employee's manual break time from Attendance - List Menu. Select an employee from the list to edit the employee's break time. web_attendanceList

You can edit the start and end time of a break. Click on + Add Break Time to manually add a break time.


• If an employee is on a break, 'on break' option will be checked.
• You cannot edit the break time that has been added automatically. See Company Settings - Breaks for more details.

② Mobile


STEP 1 ) From the Attendance menu on the navigation bar, select an attendance from the list and tap on Edit.
STEP 2 ) Tap Break Time menu to edit an employee's break time.
STEP 3 ) You can edit the start and end time of a break. You can also manually add or delete break time.

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