Shift Type Use Cases ③ Deemed Work

Updated At: 2023-03-08

Owners can set and manage shift types.
All employees can use these shift types when scheduling shifts.
  • This help guide introduces the use cases of a shift type with the ‘Deemed Work’ option.
  • If you need more information about shift types, please refer to Manage Shift Types.

Do you find it challenging to track work hours for remote or off-site work?
If so, you can use the ‘Deemed Work Shift Type’.

By considering the hours worked for remote or off-site work as scheduled work hours, the total work hours can be easily calculated.

1. Add a Shift Type that Applies the ‘Deemed Work’ Option

Let's consider an example of using a shift type for remote work.
First, go to Manage > Shift Types menu and add a new shift type that apllies the ‘Deemed Work’ option.

📢  Note

Fixed Working Hours(including break time) : If you select 'No Limit', you can set the work hours freely.
When you insert fixed working hours, the end time is automatically set based on the start time and the duration of the fixed working hours.
• The type name and color set here will be displayed on the calendar when creating a schedule using this shift type.

2. Apply for Remote Work by Sending a ‘Edit Shift Request’

Now employees can apply for remote work by changing their existing shceulde by sending a ‘edit shift request’. After selecting the dates for remote work, simply edit the schedule with the ‘remote work’ shift type.

3. Check the Remote Work Schedule Reflected on the Calendar

Once the manager approves the request, you can check your schedule with the shift type name (‘remote work’) reflected on the calendar as follows.

Check the Cumulative Working Hours for Remote Work

You can calculate the working hours for the remote work separately.
Check more details on the report, such as deemed working days and hours, in addition to the scheduled hours, as shown below.

📢  Note

For further instructions on report items, please refer to Report Columns.

You can easily operate and manage working systems that are difficult to calculate exact working hours by using deemed work shift types.

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