Send Invite Code

Updated At: 2021-10-19


This article walks through the steps to help you send an invite code to your employee.
To join a company with an invite code, see Join Company.


Send an Invite Code

STEP 1 ) Go to Manage > Employees from the menu and select an employee from the list. web_employeePage

STEP 2 ) Enter Email or Phone Number to send an invitation and check Send Invite Code option below.
After saving the employee details, an invite code will be sent to employee's email and/or phone number.

Send Invite Codes To Multiple Employees

STEP 1 ) Select multiple employees from the list and click on Send Invite Code button. web_sendInviteCodeToMultipleEmployees1

STEP 2 ) All except registered employees will be automatically selected.
Click Send button to send invite codes to the employees. Please note that the invite codes will not be sent if there is no email or phone number saved to the employee's details.

*TIP ! : You can also send multiple invite codes from the main home menu by clicking on Resend/Send All button. web_sendInviteCodeFromHome



STEP 1 ) Tap menu on the top left, then tap Employees menu.
STEP 2 ) Under the Unregistered tab, select an employee from the list.
STEP 3 ) Tap on Send Invite Code on the top right.


You can send an invite code to a new email address and/or phone number by tapping on Edit > Enter Invitation Email or Invitation Phone > Save.

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