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Updated At: 2017-11-04

The concept of Location in Shiftee is a boundary where Employees belong. Location is where Employees' shifts and attendances take place.

Shifts and Timeclock within a Location

In Shiftee, every location has its own schedule calendar which is only visible to the employees that belong to the location. Within this boundary(Location), Employees may have shifts scheduled and may clock-in or out. For example, James who works at the Robson location of a cafe called Good Beans can be scheduled only under Robson St. and can only clock-in at this location.

Location, WiFi, and GPS

Shiftee uses WiFi or GPS coordinates to verify employees' clock-in or out. To do so, a WiFi or GPS coordinates of the physical address must be registered to each location.

  • Using WiFi An employee's smartphone must be connected to the location's WiFi network prior to opening Shiftee mobile app and clocking-in. If your worksite has a reliable WiFi network, we recommend using WiFi as timeclock verification method.

  • Using GPS An employee must be within a certain radius from the GPS coordinates of the location in order to clock-in with Shiftee mobile app. If you don't have any reliable WiFi network at your worksite, you may use GPS coordinates of the location. You can modify the radius to widen the area your employees can clock-in vice versa.

Multiple Locations

In Shiftee, an employee may have one or more locations assigned. Let's assume James works at both Robson and Granville locations. In this case, his shifts can be scheduled by either Robson or Granville Supervisors at each location calendar and he can clock-in/out at either location.

How to Create/Edit a Location

  • Web Admin In the home screen of Web Admin, click [Locations] - [Add New Location] and enter the name and exact address of worksite.

  • Mobile App In Shiftee mobile app, tab [More] - [Locations] - [+] and enter the exact address of worksite. You may tag employees while creating a location.

  • To Edit To modify an existing location, you can open the location and re-register GPS coordinates or change a verification method by turning on “Use WiFi for Timeclock” and registering the WiFi.


When using WiFi, we strongly recommend using your (Supervisor or higher) mobile app to register WiFi to the location as it will fetch SSID of the network and show when employees are connected to a wrong network.

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