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Updated At: 2017-11-01

You may wonder what if employees log in for co-workers and clock-in and out for them. If a system allows users that kind of misdemeanor, that system is a flawed system. An example that represents this would be using a POS machine or computer terminal for clocking-in/out with employee number. It is very easy for a staff to clock-in for others by entering their employee number and even password. Then how do we prevent employees from clocking-in for colleagues?

Shiftee timeclock attendance uses smartphone technology and this allows us to set boundary of user activities within Shiftee. To solve this problem, our mobile app binds every employee's unique device ID to his/her employee profile in Shiftee. Only one device can be bound to one employee profile which allows no one to log-in and clock-in for co-workers.

For example, if employee B tries to use employee A's account and get into the company to clock-in for A, Shiftee will not even let B in to the company timeclock page because B's device info would not match the bound device info of employee A.

*Device Binding only applies to employees with Staff Access Level. Shiftee does not bind Supervisor or higher access levels' devices.

How Device Binding Works

Device binding occurs once an employee joins the company for the first time. After that, this employee can access the company timeclock page only with the device he/she used to join the Company for the very first time.

How to Reset Device Binding

Some employees may change their smartphones. An employee will download Shiftee in their new smartphone and log-in just to find out that there is a restriction in getting into the company they belong. In other words, he/she is not able to get in the company using the new device and clock-in.

In this case, the bound device ID must be reset by a Supervisor, Manager, or Owner. Please follow below steps:

1. [More] - [Employees]
2. Select the employee you want to reset his/her bound device ID
3. Below the employee profile page, there is a [Device Reset] button.

shiftee device binding

Web Admin
1. Click [Employees] in Side Menu Bar
2. Find the row of the employee you want to reset his/her bound device ID (Do not click anything yet)
3. At the far right side of the row there is a [Device Reset] icon that looks like a smartphone.

shiftee device binding

After the employee's device binding is reset, he/she can then get in to the company with a new device of which the new device ID will, once again, be bound with the employee profile.

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