Delete Attendance Request

Updated At: 2021-10-01

All Members can send a request to delete your attendance record. You can make this request only from Mobile App.
This feature is available starting from Standard plan.
  • You can only send this type of request when your attendance record already exists on that day.
  • See edit attendance request to edit your attendance record.


Make sure that Delete Attendance Request feature is set to be used from Company Settings - Request.
Please note that only Owner can manage company settings.


Mobile - ① Send a Request from Request Shortcuts

mob_requestShortcuts STEP 1 ) You can easily send a request by tapping on Request button on the mobile home screen.
STEP 2 ) Tap on ‘Settings’ at the bottom to customize your request shortcuts.


Read on to learn more details on sending a delete attendance request.

Mobile - ② Send a Request from Request Tab

mob_deleteAttendanceRequest1 STEP 1 ) Go to Request Tab on the navigation bar and tap on the request icon on the bottom right. Then, tap Attendance Request.
STEP 2 ) Select Delete Attendance.
STEP 3 ) Choose a ‘Month’ you want from the date section, then select your attendance record from the list.

STEP 4 ) Select an approver(or approvers) and enter the required field below to send your request.
Reason is required for the request that needs an approval. Tap ‘send’ to complete your request.

  • You can check your request from the Request Tab > My Request. You can also cancel a pending request.

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