Message Automation Feature

Updated At: 2023-07-17

Only Owner and Manager can manage message feature.
This feature is available from Standard Plan.
Please note that message feature is not available during the free trial for security reasons.
  • Use the message automation feature to receive automatic reminders of your leave days.
  • Save your preferred message as a template and use it in the message automation feature.


To use message automation feature, turn on the ‘Message Automation’ feature in Company Settings > Messages.
Then, go to [Messages > Message Automation Rule] menu and click on the + Add Message Automation button.

You can set up automatic leave notification rules here.

After setting up the rules for sending automatic messages, click ‘Add’ button.
Messages will be sent automatically according to the set rules.

Name : Enter the name for the message automation rule.
Message Automation Type : Choose the type of automatic message.
Leave Type : Choose the leave type for automatic notifications.
Threshold Days : Enter notification timing from -90(90 days before) to 90(90 days after).
Scheduled From : Choose a start date. You can select from the day you add this rule.
Scheduled Time : Select the time to send the notification. You can select in 30-minute increments.

  • Scheduled Timezone : Select the time zone for sending notifications.

Message Template : Select the message template to use for sending automatic messages.
Save your preferred message as a template to use when sending automatic messages.

📢  Note

Message templates with 'variables' are not reflected when sending automatic messages.
Please use a message template written only in plain text.

Message Name : Enter the name of the message.
Email Notification : To send notifications by email as well, check ‘Use email notification’ option.

Once you complete, the automation rule will be saved and notification messages will be sent automatically according to the set rules. To make additional changes, click on the rule.

Message Automation

According to the set rules, recipients eligible for leave use will receive notifications via mobile app and email(if enabled).

Mobile App

You will receive notifications on your mobile when a message is received.
You can check messages by clicking on the message icon in the upper right corner.

Web Staff Mode > Message Tab

Go to the message tab at the top of web staff mode. You can check messages there.

Email Notification

You will also receive notifications by email if ‘Use email notification’ option is enabled.

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