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Updated At: 2021-12-17

Only Owner can manage Company Settings.
  • Standardization feature allows you to keep the track of your employee's actual working hours adjusted to the set shift hours.
  • You can choose to apply standardization feature to either clock in time or clock out time, or both.


You can view the ‘standardized hours’ columns from Report menu after setting the report columns from Company Settings - Advanced.


Go to Company Settings - Report from the menu in Web Manager Mode.

Standardization Feature

• Standardize Clock In Time

If clock in time is earlier than the shift's start time, ‘standardized hours’ are calculated by replacing the clock in time with the the shift's start time.

Example Standardized Clock In Time

9 AM ~ 6 PM shift. Clock in at 8:55, and clock out at 6:10

If ‘clock in time’ is earlier than the shift’s start time, the clock in time is replaced with ‘the shift’s start time’.
Standardized Hours : 9 AM ~ 6:10 PM

Standardize Clock Out Time

If clock out time is later than shift's end time, ‘standardized hours’ are calculated by replacing the clock out time with the shift's end time.

Example Standardized Clock Out Time

9 AM ~ 6 PM shift. Clock in at 8:55, and clock out at 6:10

If ‘clock out time’ is later than the shift’s end time, the clock out time is replaced with ‘the shift’s end time’.
Standardized Hours : 8:55 AM ~ 6 PM

Check Standardized Hours

After setting the standardization feature, you can choose to view ‘standardized hours’ columns from Company Settings > Advanced > Report Columns.
- Standardized hours/overtime hours/night hours/holiday hours.

Go to Report menu to view the selected filter options. Standardized hours are calculated based on the settings from Company Settings - Report.


STEP 1 ) Tap menu on the top left, then tap Company Settings.
STEP 2 ) Tap Report menu.
STEP 3 ) You can follow the same process on the mobile app as well.

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