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Updated At: 2023-08-03

Only Owner can manage Company Settings.
  • Standardization feature allows you to keep the track of your employee's actual working hours adjusted to the set shift hours.
  • You can choose to apply standardization feature to either clock in time or clock out time, or both.


You can view the ‘standardized hours’ columns from Report menu after setting the report columns from Company Settings - Advanced.


Go to Company Settings - Report from the menu in Web Manager Mode.

Custom Report Columns

You can easily customize report items using our provided report columns and apply the formula you want. For detailed instructions on setting up custom report columns, see Custom Report Columns.

📢  Note

This feature is available in Enterprise plan. Please contact our support team to use this feature.

Standardization Rule Feature

You can check the ‘standardized hours’ by comparing the scheduled hours with worked hours according to the standardization rules set in ‘Manage > Standardization Rule’.

Based on the selected standardization rule, standardized hours are calculated according to the position connected to the attendance/shift. You can check the related data from the report page under ‘Standardized Hours’.

📢  Note

• This feature is available from Standard plan.
• For detailed instructions, see manage standardization rule.

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