Updated At: 2017-11-05

Shiftee offers Automatic Payroll feature. It is the most desirable to integrate all scheduling, attendances, and payroll in one system as they have strong correlations. While Attendance is a record on Shift (plan), Payroll is based on Attendance created. All of these three items are closely related to each other and must be managed in one system for the highest efficiency.

For each employees, you can enter hourly wages with effective dates. Shiftee will use the new hourly wage on the effective date set by you or other managers.

How to Set Hourly Wage for an Employee

1. In Employees page, click on ‘$’ button located at the right side of an employee profile. Open Shifyee Wage Modal

2. Enter desired hourly wage and set effective date. Shiftee Hourly Wage Modal

Wage Effective Date

When your employee works over certain period or when you want to recognize him/her for achievements, you give a raise. When setting a new hourly wage for an employee, you can also select effective date so the old wage remains up to certain date, then the new wage will take effect. This is to prevent distorting historical payroll records by not reflecting the new hourly wage to those attendances that have occurred before the effective date.


From - Current Wage: $13 - Today's Date: May 17


  • New Wage: $13.80
  • Effective Date: June 1 (can set future date for effective date)

When you pull up a payroll for this employee, $13 will be applied to all attendances up to May 31 and $13.80 will be applied to the rest of on and after June 1.

How to Process Payroll.

In Shiftee Web Admin, you can manage all attendances in Attendance Page. On this page, you see clock-in/out time and pay amount for each attendance. To access these data in EXCEL, click on ‘Export to EXCEL’ above the table.

  1. Click on ‘Export to EXCEL (Payroll)’ Shiftee Attendance Export to EXCEL1

  2. You may select a specific employee(s) or all. Shiftee Attendance Export to EXCEL2

  3. Select the payroll period range and click ‘Export’ Shiftee Attendance Export to EXCEL3

  4. You may view detailed payroll for each employees via exported excel spreadsheet. Shiftee Attendance Export to EXCEL4

When Shiftee calculates payroll for each attendance, it uses the attendance time after Payroll Time Unit is applied. Payroll Time Unit rounds the attendance time up or down. Refer to below examples:

Clock-in: 8:46 am => 9:00 am Clock-out: 6:08 pm => 6:00 pm

Learn more about Attendance Approval

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