Shift Approval

Updated At: 2017-11-08


Some companies have the specific personnel (e.g. HR, senior manager in operations, etc) to confirm Shifts so that a shift supervisor of a local branch cannot edit or delete shifts after they are confirmed. They often get bombarded by approval requests for the next month coming from each location let alone the shift change requests.

In some organizations, local managers usually submit excel schedule for the next month to get an approval. Once confirmed, the head-office directs the local managers to comply with the schedule and does not allow the local manager to edit the schedule. This is to budget the right amount of labor cost based on scheduling and also any variance would have to be known to the head-office HR or finance department. It sounds like the case in more strict organizations. If you allow more power and freedom to local managers in terms of scheduling, you do not need to use Shift Approval feature in Shiftee.

How to Turn on Shift Approval Feature?

The default setting for shift approval is ‘off’. This setting can be turned on at Company Settings by Owner Access Level in Shiftee Web Admin.


Who Can Schedule and Approve?

In Shiftee, only specific Access Levels have the privilege to confirm shifts:
- Owner can schedule and confirm shifts of all employees at all Locations.
- Manager can schedule and confirm shifts of all employees at all Locations.
- Supervisor can schedule shifts of all employees at his/her assigned Location(s) ONLY.

How to Approve Shifts

You can confirm shifts in both the mobile app and web admin. Please see below demonstration in the mobile app.


Once confirmed, shifts cannot be edited by a Supervisors Access Level. In order for Supervisors to revise a shift, Manager or Owner must unconfirmed it.

Implementation in Multi-branch Restaurant

  1. Assign Manager Access Level to appropriate personnel in head-office.
  2. Assign Supervisor Access Level to each branch's managing personnel.
  3. Each branch's Supervisor Levels can edit and delete shifts only until they are confirmed and finalized.
  4. Head-office Managers Access Level personnel confirm shifts to finalize.
  5. Supervisor Access Level personnel at each branch cannot edit or delete confirmed shifts.

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