Clock In and Out On-Call

Updated At: 2017-11-07

Even though you have a master-plan of your store's Employee scheduling for the month, sometimes your restaurant run at maximum sitting capacity on a day that wasn't expected to be busy. Then you will find yourself multitasking to help out on the floor and call each available employee to come in for work.

After you find a staff who is able to to come in for work, he/she needs to clock-in. In this case, Shiftee lets the employee Clock-in on Call after which you can identify the attendance as On-Call when you review the timesheet.

Normally, when employees clock-in for a shift that is already available at the time of clock-in. However, Shiftee allows employees to Clock-in on Call even though they don't have any Shift for the day. This is to eliminate unnecessary process of adding a new shift for a manager each time they call in someone to work. Also, the timesheet will show which attendance was on call so you can reflect the days with most on-calls and better plan shifts for next month.

When an Employee clicks on Clock-in button while there is no available shift at the time of clock-in, Shiftee will proceed and clock him/her in on call. (If the employee has more than two or more locations and positions assigned, it will ask to choose which team and position to clock-in for.)

shiftee clock-in on call

In the Attendance page in Web Admin, on-call attendances will marked as ‘On-call’ under shift column. When exported to excel for Payroll, an on-call attendance will have an empty cell under Shift column so you can distinguish one from other regular attendances.

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