Send Reminder for Missing Clock In/Out

Updated At: 2021-10-26

Owner, Managers and Supervisors(restricted) can send reminder emails for missing clock in/out.
  • If employees have forgotten to clock in/out on Shiftee, managers can send reminder emails for missing clock in/out.


• To send a reminder email, make sure that employee's email address is entered in employee's basic info.
• To edit the missing attendance record, see edit attendance.


STEP 1 ) Go to Attendance - List from the menu in web manager mode. Select a period to view the records from. Click on the filter option to view the ‘missing clock-in records’ and ‘missing clock-out records’. web_sendReminderForMissingClockInOrOut1

STEP 2 ) Select the records to send reminders to, then click on Send Reminder. web_sendReminderForMissingClockInOrOut2

STEP 3 ) You can see the list of selected employees with their missing attendance records before sending a reminder email for missing clock in/out. You can also CC the employees' managers who have permission to manage their attendances. Select the managers from the list, then click on Send Reminder.

A reminder email will be sent to an employee as below.

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