Offsite Work Feature

Updated At: 2021-07-26

Owners can set to use this feature from Company Settings - Scheduler.
  • You can manage offsite work by adding a custom clock in/out area for the shift.


STEP 1 ) Go to Company Settings - Scheduler to set to use Offsite Feature. web_companySettingsScheduler

STEP 2 ) Move to Schedule menu and select a shift from the list to customize employee's clock in/out area. You can also apply this feature when creating a new shift.


• Enter a valid address for the area. Move the marker in the map to set a precise coordinate of your workplace.
• You can adjust a radius of the coordinate; a boundary that employees can clock in and out.


STEP 1 ) Tap menu on the top left, then tap on Company Settings.
STEP 2 ) Tap on Scheduler from the menu.
STEP 3 ) Turn on the offsite scheduling feature.

STEP 1 ) Tap Shift menu on the navigation bar.
STEP 2 ) When adding or editing a shift, you can customize an employee's clock in/out area.

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