Timeclock Area - Coordinate

Updated At: 2021-10-19

Owners and Managers can manage Timeclock Areas.
  • When clocking in and out, employees can only leave a record within the boundary around the workplace's coordinate.


This article walks through the steps to set a timeclock area using coordinate.
To set a timeclock area using WiFi, see Timeclock Area - WiFi.


STEP 1 ) Go to Manage > Teams from the menu in Web Manager Mode. Click on Timeclock Area tab > + Add Timeclock Area button in the top right corner.

STEP 2 ) Add Timeclock area for your teams to use when clocking in and out.

Workplace Address : Enter a valid address for the area.
Timeclock Method : Select this option to use coordinate as a means of validation.
Coordinate Radius : You can adjust a boundary from the red marker that employees can clock in and out. (Unit : m)


Move the marker in the map to set precise coordinate of your workplace.


STEP 1 ) Tap menu on the top left, then tap Teams/Locations.
STEP 2 ) Move to Timeclock Area tab, then tap on + button at the right bottom.
STEP 3 ) Enter the information below and save the changes.

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