Profile Settings

Updated At: 2021-05-04

Owners, Managers, Supervisors(restricted) can change their profile settings.
  • You can change your profile settings in Website Manager Mode.
  • To change your account settings, please refer to Account Settings for more details.


Select Profile from the menu in Website Manager Mode to adjust your profile settings. web_profileSettings1

Profile Settings

Users with Owner, Manager access level have permission to change the following preferences below.
Changes are immediately applied to Shiftee.

  • First, Last name : You can change your First and Last name.
  • Positions : You can change your Positions you're assigned to.
  • Teams/Locations : You can change your Teams/Locations you're assigned to.


Your Email and Phone number can't be adjusted in profile settings.
Please refer to Account Settings to change your account settings.

Alert Preferences

Users with Supervisor access level and higher can change the following notification preferences.

Mobile Alert Preferences : You can change your mobile alert preferences set in Company Settings - Notification menu. If you want to disable alerts from Shiftee, uncheck the box from the following list. web_mobileAlertPreferences

Email Alert Preferences : If you want to receive email notifications for all requests, check the box and save the changes. You will be notified through email about your employees' requests.

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