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Updated At: 2017-05-17

Businesses have different needs depending on the operation and the size. Shiftee can be customized according to your needs by tweaking Company Settings. This allows you to apply the right rules for different business operations. Set it up to suit your business.

The company settings can be found in the menu on the left side of Owner's Web Admin, and the following items can be set up.


  • Change company name

Staff Management

  • Use employee number (employee ID) feature.


1) Use Shift Approval Feature


2) Use Clock Out Button
3) Use Forgot-to-Clock-Out Feature
4) Use Break Button
5) Use Attendance Approval Feature.
6) Supervisor Access Level's Privileges to Attendance
7) Staff Access Level's Privileges to Attendance


8) Default Currency
9) Set Payroll Time Unit
10) Use Automatic Break Addition Feature

shiftee company settings


1. Use Shift Approval Feature

This feature allows Manager or Owner to confirm planned shift schedules. This is to prevent the Supervisor Access Level from modifying/deleting the shifts once confirmed. In large companies, it could be used for head office personnel to confirm and finalize planned shifts that each branch manager created.

Access Levels who can confirm shifts:
- Owner
- Manager

Approved work schedules cannot be modified/deleted by Supervisors


2. Use Clock Out Button

This feature setting is turned ‘ON’ by default. If you do not care about clock-out time of all employees and want to keep track of the clock-in time only, you can turn off the clock-out button. When this feature is off, the mobile app will not show a clock-out button at all and you will not receive overtime notifications even when the actual work exceeds the scheduled end-time.

3. Use Forgot-to-Clock-Out Feature

This feature setting is turned ‘ON’ by default. I'll compare two situations where this feature is turned on or off.

- ON: If you do not clock-out even after 18 hours (threshold hours) after clocking in, it will be marked as forgot-to-clock-out record and the app will show the clock-in button again. The threshold hours is adjustable.
- OFF: If you do not leave work after work, you will only see the clock-out button until you clock out. (For example, if you do not clock out after you clock-in today, your status is still ‘clocked-in’ until you clock-out tomorrow. Then you have to clock-in again. Today's attendance will then record that you've worked, for example, 24 hours.

4. Use Break Button

The break button allows employees to record their break start and end times directly using Shiftee mobile app. Break-time is deducted from total hours worked. You do not need to use this feature if you are using Automatic Break Addition feature.

5. Use Attendance Confirmation Feature.

If this feature is turned on, the Owner or Manager Access Level can confirm attendances. Approved attendances cannot be edited/deleted by Supervisors.

6. Supervisor Acess Level's Privileges to Attendance

You can limit Supervisors privileges to his or staff's attendances:

- Supervisors can view their own attendance records.
- Supervisors can view attendance records for staffs in assigned location.
- Supervisors can add/edit/delete attendance records for staffs in assigned location.

If you have branch managers (Supervisors) for each location but want to limit their ability to view/manage attendance records of the assigned location, this is what you are looking for.

7. Staff Acess Level's Privileges to Attendance

You can limit Staff Access Level to view his/her own attendances.

shiftee company settings


8. Default Currency

You can set your company's default currency unit. It is used as a unit for payroll processing.

9. Set Payroll Time Unit

You can set up rounding rules for clock-in/out and break times by certain units. If you want attendance to be accurate to the minute, please select ‘Round down to nearest 1 minute’ for all items.

10. Use Automatic Break Addition Feature

If you do not want your employees to record their own break-time by using break button on Shiftee mobile app but want to add breaks automatically, use this setting.

e.g. If you have the following settings:
Per Working Hours: 4.5 hours
Add Break time: 30 minutes

- When you have worked for 4.5 hours, the total 30 minutes of break time is automatically added
- When you have worked for 9 hours, the total 60 minutes of break time is automatically added.

In managing employees, rules and policies are different for each company. Once you have an understanding of Shiftee's Company Settings, you will be able to manage your employees according to established rules.

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