Updated At: 2017-11-09

A shift is a scheduled period of work for an employee. Supervisor, Manager, or Owner can schedule all employees in a team. Shift roster is shared to all employees in the location so they know when their next work takes place.

A shift contains Location, Position, Employee, Start-time(date), and End-time(date).

Relationship with Location

A shift of an employee belongs to one location. As every location has its own schedule calendar, a shift of location A will show on Location A's schedule calendar. A single employee may have multiple locations assigned. For example, employee A may work at both Robson and Granville stores. His/her shift at Robson will show on Robson calendar vice versa. A Robson calendar will also show employee A's Granville shifts in grey color for you to be aware when scheduling.

For example, If an employee at location A also works at location B, location A's schedule calendar will show any of his shift at location B to help the manager prevent creating conflicting shifts with location B's shifts.

Relationship with Attendance

Shiftee uses Shift to match Attendance record. For example, if a shift of an employee does not have any clock-in record within 10 minutes of start-time, there is no attendance that matches the shift and Shiftee will send a late-for-shift notification to the employee and the managers (Supervisor/Manager/Owner) assigned to the location.

In the best case scenario, there will be an attendance for every shift. However, Shiftee allows on-call clock-ins in case there is no shift for the employee. An on-call attendance will not have any linked shift.

A shift without any attendance record counts as an absence and will be reflected on timesheet report later on.

Relationship with Position

An employee may have more than one position. For example, James may work as a Sushi Chef or a cook. In this case, he can be assigned both positions. When scheduling his shift, a manager can choose which position he is going to work as. Every position is color-coded so every shift in a calendar will be colored based on the position selected.

Conflicting Shift

One shift can only have one location and one start-time and end-time. If you try to create a shift of an employee that overlaps his other shift, Shiftee will show a conflicting shift error message. Whether or not the other shift is at another location, you will still get the error message if there is any conflicting shift.

Who Can Manage Shifts (create, edit, delete)

  • Owner
  • Manager
  • Supervisor (Only can manage schedules of his own assigned location(s))

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