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Updated At: 2017-11-13

When a business grows, it may expand by launching new stores. Sometimes two locations happen to be located not far from each other and you may have several employees work at both locations.

Shiftee applies a concept of ‘Location’ to a physical store or office where employees work so they can have shifts and clock-in/out at the ‘Location’. For example, create a location called ‘Granville St’. Then all staff must physically be at Granville St store and connect to its WiFi in order to clock-in/out (Shiftee works with GPS coordinates as well). You can create locations for all your restaurant branches and manage them in one system.

If you operate multiple branches, some employees in one location may work in another. If your attendance or scheduling system does not allow assigning more than one location to an employee, it can cause many problems for you when getting one employee to clock-in at two or more branches.


So we have Multiple Locations just for those of you who need to schedule and manage attendances of an employee who works at multiple locations. The concept of multiple locations allows one employee to be assigned multiple locations so he or she can be scheduled at both stores.

Multiple Locations can be applied to all users of Shiftee. When Supervisor,Manager, or Owner are assigned to several locations, they can manage the employees of their assigned locations. They also get notifications from the locations they are assigned only. So if you would like to get a clock-in or late notification of employees at Granville and Robson branches, ensure you're assigned to them.

Using ‘Multiple Locations’ as Departments

‘Location’ may serve a different purpose than an actual store branch. For companies with multiple departments within a building throughout different floor levels, employees cannot come to a specific floor to clock-in and out. A large hotel has many departments such as Bar, Restaurant, Concierge, front desk, housekeeping, etc and these departments could be located apart from each other. In this case, create a ‘location’ for each department and assign employees so they can clock-in/out at their own workplace.


  1. Create all departments as locations (e.g. F&B, Concierge, Front Desk, etc.)
  2. Assign the location and Supervisor access level to department managers so they manage only their assigned ‘location’. 3 Employees clock-in/out at their own ‘location’(department) when connected to the location’s WiFi network or within a certain radius of the location using GPS coordinates.
  3. Manage access level can manage all locations(departments)' schedule, attendance, and payroll regardless of their assigned locations.

Using ‘Location’ for Overseas Operations

Shiftee can be easily used overseas. Just add a ‘location’ under your company account and have a Manager or Supervisor access level personnel at the remote branch to set up a WiFi or GPS coordinates to the ‘location’. All of the employees who belong to overseas location can now clock-in/out when connected to the Wi-Fi. Shiftee currently supports English and Korean. There will be more languages available in the future.

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