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Updated At: 2018-05-09

Shiftee's leave management feature allows managers to schedule employees' paid or unpaid vacations, sick days, and company provided special holidays. Let's take a look at how it works.

Shiftee and Leave Management

Leave Scheduling

In order to schedule leaves of your employees, open Schedule page then tick on the Manage Leaves check box at upper left-side. Then you will be able to modify existing leave schedules or create new leaves. To create new leaves, click [Add New Leaves] button above the calendar.

Schedule leaves with Shiftee

With the [Add New Leaves] modal open, you may select more than one employees and multiple dates to schedule leaves of many employees on the same dates. Or you may just schedule one employee's leaves. After selecting employee(s) and date(s), you will be asked to enter a leave type, You may enter any type of leaves your company has such as, paid/unpaid vacation, sick day, etc. (Shiftee will remember your entry so you can just select from history next time.)

All employees will be able to access their used vacations on their mobile app anytime so they don't over or under-use paid vacations for the year.

Leave Reports

Shiftee not only allows managers to schedule leaves but also provides statistics on leaves for managers to access at anytime. Also, the scheduled leaves will show at many places throughout Shiftee service to help managers aware of leaves when scheduling, managing attendances, and processing payroll.

  1. Schedule
    Leaves will show in schedule calendar so managers take them into account when scheduling and also look at the entire shift schedule with leaves altogether.
  2. Attendance
    In attendance calendar view and exported excel, leaves will show as an airplane icon so managers can distinguish a scheduled vacation from absences.
  3. Reports
    In reports page, total number of leaves used during the selected period will show along with number of late attendances and absences.

Future Implementations

  1. Request for leave feature for employees that requires manager's approval
  2. Available paid vacation days counter

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Learn more about Company Settings where owner access level can modify access level privileges and shift/attendance/payroll rules.

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