Add Leave

Updated At: 2021-07-26

Owners, Managers and Supervisors(restricted) can add Leaves.
  • You can add new leaves and check the amount of used leaves in list / type / month view.


First, you need to set the Leave Type and allocate Leave Accruals to employees.
To send a request for creating leaves, see Create Leaves Request.


Add a Single Type of Leave

① From Schedule Menu

You can add a single type of leave by turning on the ‘Manage Leaves’ option. Select the date and the employee from the list. web_addLeaveFromScheduleMenu1

Click on Manage Leaves button to add leaves to multiple employees.
Select employees from the list and choose a single type of leave. web_addLeaveFromScheduleMenu2

② From Leaves Menu

You can follow the same process from Leaves > Leaves Manage menu. Click on Manage Leaves button to add leaves. web_addLeaveFromLeavesMenu1

You can also add leaves for each month from Month Tab. web_addLeaveFromLeavesMenu2

Click + Add Leave, then select a leave type and duration of leave.


Total Leaves : The total amount of approved leaves
Total Deducted Days : The total amount of deducted days from accrued leaves.

Add Multiple Types of Leaves Using Excel

STEP 1 ) Click Upload on the page and download the Excel file provided. web_addLeavesUsingExcel1

STEP 2 ) Make sure to enter the data in the correct format and save the file. web_addLeavesUsingExcel2


Leave Type entered should be already created in Shiftee.
• When adding Enforce Time option leave type, enter the start and end time.

STEP 3 ) Upload the file by clicking on the Upload button. Values in invalid format will be displayed in red. Double click and correct the errors to complete the upload.


STEP 1 ) Go to Leave on the navigation bar and tap on the + button.
STEP 2 ) Select employees from the list and choose a single type of leave. Tap on the dates from the calendar and tap Save button.

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