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Updated At: 2023-07-10

Only Owner can manage Company Settings.
This feature is available from Enterprise Plan.
  • If a lower-level manager creates schedules for employees, do they need to obtain approval from a higher-level manager or supervisor before registering the schedules?
  • By using the schedule publish feature, approval from a higher-level manager is required before the created schedule is finally registered to employees.
  • This feautre is currently in Beta and will be updated further.

📢  Note

- When a manager creates a top-down work schedule : the schedule is immediately reflected in the employees' calendars.
- When using the 'schedule publish feature' to create a work schedule : Only schedules approved by a higher-level manager are reflected in the employees' calendars.


STEP 1 ) To use the schedule publish feature, go to Company Settings > Schedule menu. To use this feature, you need a separate access token through your sales representative.

STEP 2 ) Once activated, go to Schedule > Calendar and click on the ‘Schedule Publish Request’ button in the upper right corner.

STEP 3 ) To make a schedule publish request, you must first create a work schedule that requires publishing.
Create the schedules that need to be published first. As shown in the image below, the published status is marked as ‘X’ because it has not yet been approved by the manager or supervisor.

📢  Note

• Owner/Manager can choose to publish or not publish when creating a work schedule.
• Supervisor can only create unpublished schedules. (If supervisor has permission to add work schedules and leaves in 'Company Settings > Permission')
• Schedules with a published status of 'X' are not visible to employees.

STEP 4 ) Once you have completed creating a schedule, you can send a schedule publish request for that schedule through Schedule > Calendar > Schedule Publish Request.

Select the schedules to be published, then click ‘Next’ button to send the request to a higher-level manager.

📢  Note

• You can view both work and leave schedules.
• You can select all or some schedules with a period to apply.

📢  Note

Schedule publish request follows the approval rules set in Manage > Approval Rules > Schedule.

STEP 5 ) Once approved by a manager, the published status of the relevant schedules on the page will all change to ‘O’ and schedules will now be reflected on the employees' calendars.

You can also cancel the ‘published’ status of a published schedule.
However, only Owner and Manager have permission to cancel this status, and supervisors cannot edit schedules that have been published.

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