Auto Approval Rules

Updated At: 2021-10-15

Only Owners can manage Auto Approval rules.
This feature is available starting from Standard plan.
  • Set Auto Approval rules for the request that doesn't require any manager's approvals to simplify the workflows of the approval process.
  • You can set auto approval rules from Approval Rules and manage approved requests from Manage Request.


Go to Manage > Approval Rules from the menu in Web Manager Mode. web_autoApproval1

① Auto Approval Rule Settings

Select a Request Type from the list and set Dafault Approval Setting as Auto Approve.
When changing the default approval setting into ‘auto approve’, Additional Approval Settings will be automatically set to ‘auto approve’ as well.

② Auto Approval Rule - Additional Settings

You can set different approval rules for each request tag type.
Set as below to auto approve a specific request type, but to apply additional approval steps for the following request tags.

You can only manage approval settings in web manager mode.

See Request Approval Rules for more details on approval rule settings.

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