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Updated At: 2017-11-10

Let's say you now have all Teams set up so you can assign to Employees. Before you do, there is one more step. Creating Positions.

Position(s) is assigned to Employees so that this attribute can be selected when scheduling employees' shifts. Also, when an employee clock-in on call, he/she may select which position to work as (if multiple positions are assigned to him/herself).

For example, when one of your employees work as both Sushi Man and Kitchen Helper in your restaurant, you assign both positions the employee. When the restaurant is busy and you asked this employee to come in and clock-in on call, he/she can choose which position he is about to start working as.

A position differs from Access Levels that it's just a custom Position name attribute you can create and assign to employees.

How to Create and Assign Positions

Positions can be created by tabbing [More] - [Position] in Shiftee mobile app or in [Position] menu of Web Admin.


Once Location(s) and Position(s) are set up in your company, assign them when creating and inviting new Employees. Or if you would like to change the assigned positions of existing employees, just open the employee profile and make changes.

Example of positions: Server, Cashier, Manager, Junior Staff, Senior Manager, etc.

Learn more about Company Settings.

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