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Shiftee is an assistant for you to manage shifts, attendances, and payroll processing in all-in-one platform. From a large corporation with multiple locations and employees to a small business owner, you can now manage your employees in a better and faster way. Read the following essential info about Shiftee and get started right away!


  1. Company, Location, and Employee
  2. Access Level Priviliges

1. Company, Location, and Employee


The first thing you can do after registering with Shiftee is to ‘create a company’ as an Owner. Then you need to invite employees to the company so they can clock-in/out, view shifts and attendances. A company encompasses all locations, positions, employees, shifts, and attendances created within.


Location(s) must be created in order to restrict employees to clock-in/out only at certain worksite via GPS coordinates or WiFi network. Even if you have only one store/office/worksite, you must create a location to restrict the area for time-clocking. When you create/edit a location, you can set up a new GPS coordinates or WiFi network. Then all employees who belong to the location can only clock-in/out when they are within certain radius of the GPS coordinates or when they are connected to the location's WiFi.

Q. Can I create multiple locations in a single company? Yes, a company may have more than one location and you can assign different supervisors to each location. Please read Multiple Locations help article to learn more.


Employee is one who gets assigned location(s) and position(s) to clock-in/out. So employees must be invited by a management. Each employee being created has a unique INVITE CODE with 6 alphabetical characters. You may send email/sms or even personally read out the INVITE code to the new employee. The new employee then can [Join Company] via entering the INVITE CODE after registering with Shiftee.

Tip: Duding or after creating an employee profile please assign location(s), so they can clock-in/out only at the location they belong.

Q. Can one user be assigned more than one location? Yes, a single employee may be assigned more than one location and he/she can clock-in/out at the assigned location(s) only.

2. Access Level Privileges

Access Level is what users get assigned in a company and has different permissions to perform certain tasks. They can be distinguished to: Owner, Manager, Supervisor, and Staff.

Access Level Staff Supervisor Manager Owner
Scope At assigned location Manage assigned location Manage all locations Manage all locations
Main Privileges View shifts / time-clocking Manage shifts, attendances, and payroll Manage shifts, attendances, and payroll Manage shifts, attendances, and payroll
Special Privileges Approve shifts and attendances
(Supervisors cannot edit/delete approved records)
Company Settings

e.g) a corporation running multiple retail locations

  • [Staff] can only clock-in/out at the assigned location.
  • [Supervisor] can manage shifts, attendances, and payroll for all employees at the assigned location.
  • [Manager] can manage all locations regardless of his/her assigned location(s). Can approve shifts and attendances as well.
  • [Owner] can do all that Managers do. Owns a company account and has access to [Company Settings]

Throw away complex scheduling, inefficient timeclock attendance, and tedious payroll processing. Leave it to Shiftee.

For questions on implementation or a request for support, please contact us by opening the webchat icon at the bottom of the screen.


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